by HappySqueak, July 12, 2016

High school is a memorable and defining moment for almost everyone. It is the atmosphere of where people seek out social kinship with others who have similar likes and dislikes. The yearning to blend in and seamlessly make it to graduation. The rivalries of the smartest students and those who own the sports field thrive on. 

Though for some, it can be a place of terrible memories, and are relieved when those days are behind them. For others, fond memories abound with the memory of youth and experiencing a taste of life that awaits before young adulthood.

A pinnacle moment slightly shapes adolescents through the struggles of maintaining grades, keeping friendships strong or being burdened with dealing with those friends when immature emotions surface and fuel decision making.

Fifteen years waiting for Migratory Birds takes us right into those livid high school moments. Our female lead Li Li (Sun Yi) encounters Pei Shang Zuan (Zhang Rou Yun) and the two don’t exactly hit it off. As top study queen of their School Li Li has limited nonsense tolerance, causing those around her to keep their distance, not wanting to upset her.




Pei Shang challenges her and she dishes it right back. They clash at every turn until, shortly after the two rescue an elder woman from a wallet snatching, their friendship starts to bloom. Li Li being very self-conscious of her looks is uncertain of what to do as she finds herself slowly falling for him.


Still, the two become close and care for each other even as ‘just friends’. They are now in each other's social circles and are often thrown together. They make a promise to return to a beautiful location to wait and watch for the Migratory birds that Li Li adores so much.




When her popular pretty cousin Han Yi Chen (Zhang Sophie) starts attending school, she has her sights set on Pei Shang and tries to woo him. Like most guys, he does show a little interest.



And almost on cue another transfer student, the handsome and talented in school and sports, Daniel (Li Chung Lin) arrives to square up our beginning of what felt like a love triangle in the works. Li Li and Daniel maintain a simple friendship.


Yi Chen ends up drawing unwanted male attention one night at a bar and Pei Shang steps in to protect her. He is left with a criminal record and sent to jail for assault against the guys he was fending off. Regretful Yi Chen swiftly moves away with her family who had plans to relocate anyway due to her father's work. She does not come to Pei Shang's defence and he is abandoned to face the consequences of her actions.

A now bitter Pei Shang has lost his merit of being a good person in the eyes of the public and will have have a hard time to find a job in the field of his choice after graduation. All this is due to the unjust assault case now permanently attached to him. With Li Li’s support and encouragement he gains the confidence to keep trying and realizes his connection to Li Li might be more than what he thought.


OST, cast, locations and styling are very nice! I can't wait to see how this one wraps up. And those fun school moments are perfect for your re-watch list.