by ParkChohwa, July 14, 2016

I would like to apologise for my film choices of this week. I would like to apologise in advance for the pain you’ll feel, for the tears you’ll shed, for the heartbreak and for the mental and emotional turmoil.

The Case of Itaewon Homicide


Country: South Korea     Year: 2009     Genre: Crime, Psychological, Suspense

Shock that leads to fury. A million whys. A million question marks. This film answers nothing, because real life gives no answers. This film came to answer people’s demands for another examination of the horrendous Itaewon Case. If you haven’t read about the case, don’t read before watching the film. The film will lay the sufficient foundation for the shock you’ll receive once you check the more recent news. Itaewon homicide happened in 1997. The film appeared 12 years later after changes happened regarding the case. The film ends with the updates of 2009. But there are more updates up till now. And those updates robbed me of sleep. Why? Why did such a horrible murder happen? Why did an innocent young man have to die? What was the motive? Why would 17-year-old boys fool about with people’s lives? Why was not the truth discovered until 15 years later? Nobody tell me everything happens for a reason. Nobody dare tell me life is fair. Nobody tell me I don’t know the whole truth. It’s just an absurd life in every single aspect. Damn it.

Ode to My Father


Country: South Korea     Year: 2014     Genre: Drama, War

Talking of absurdity. If science fiction was no fiction and one could really read someone’s mind, I’d use that talent to go inside the politicians’ minds and try to figure out the mess there. Because of some egoists who think they know better than everyone else, wars break out and millions of people die every year. Because nothing makes sense in this world, someone like our film protagonist lives his entire life sacrificing for others to keep a promise his young self made to his father. Because of ridiculous policies, people lose contact with each other for decades if not eternity. Endless wars cause chronic conditions. Pain intensifies till it can be cured no longer. But life goes on, for better or worse.

Once in a Summer


Country: South Korea     Year: 2006     Genre: Romance, Drama

In the middle of the political tumult, what would happen to hearts that beat with love? No happy endings. No supernatural powers that defeat fate. No merciful gods. If love can’t help but happen, it can’t help getting killed either. Eternity? Forever love? Waiting and searching? So? So what exactly am I supposed to understand? What message is the world trying to send us? Don’t try because no matter what, you’ll fail. Don’t build relationships because I’ll make sure I’ll ruin them for you. Depressing as hell but beautifully done.

I apologise again for the dark choices, but life is dark to begin with.