by userbmc, July 30, 2016

Hi everyone,

This is a J-Drama review from my favorite Japanese drama this year: Please Love The Useless Me

It was based on an ongoing manga that goes by the same name (aka Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai) and you won't regret if you watch!


As based on a josei manga (for young women), the story is not the typical high school story. Shibata Michiko (Fukada Kyoko) is a 30-year-old woman who has no job, no savings and no boyfriend. She is the kind of person that wants to help everyone but doesn't take care of herself very well. Some people even take advantage of her because of this.

One day, she meets her former boss, Ayumu Kurosawa (Fujioka Dean). She had always hated her boss because he was very strict and picky. But seeing that she is in a bad situation, he offers her a job at his small cafe.


Fujioka Dean as Ayumu Kurosawa and Fukada Kyoko as Shibata Michiko

With Kurosawa shunin's help, Shibata starts to finally get her life on track again: she gets a new job and also a boyfriend.  The beginning of Shibata's story is to stop being a "useless" person.

The reason you should watch.

It is an enjoyable and very well done J-drama. One thing that made me laugh a great deal was that Kyoko is totally addicted to meat. She even accepts to work with the boss she used to hate because he says that he will give her meat. She even goes as far as naming her cat A5, which is a very expensive type of Japanese meat. 


Even a meat cushion...

The cast is awesome.

I like Dean Fujioka very much and he totally fits the character perfectly! He is serious but also cares about Shibata in his own way.


Fukada Kyoko also does a very nice job. She has to be innocent, kind and even act dumb sometimes, all of which she does perfectly.  The mood of the drama is this great mix of comedy and romance.  


The supporting roles including Mogami-kun, Akira-san and the rest of the cafe staff are sure to make you laugh. The cafe is especially funny because they all are ex-yankees(delinquents), but are at the same time kind and caring.


This is my favorite J-drama of all time and I hope you guys can enjoy it as much as I did. It isn't too innocent because it has the characters worrying about adult things, like work and marriage. But at the same time, it is a nice way to show that even if you're going through a hard time, things can get better.

See you next time, bye~