by HappySqueak, September 3, 2016

It's that time of the year again! Whether you're getting ready to hit the books again or getting your own kiddos ready for another year! If you manage to squeeze in some downtime, here are 4 School themed KDramas that are great for that back-to-school vibe!
Short and sweet, rocking talented young cast, these well paced dramas are perfect between, during, and after class!

#4 After School Lucky or Not

At first, I wasn’t entirely sure about this drama. It is about the 'Pick a Mission' Club that extends an invite to female student So Eun (Playing as herself, Kim So Eun) requesting her to join. She is in for a big surprise as to what the purpose of the club is.


It seemed like your average school drama at first, until they introduce themselves to her. Once they pulled out one of their club Missions, it took a turn for the unusual.


The challenge is simply to...set a fart on fire! Oh My God!!! Who does this!


I laughed so hard at the hijinks scattered throughout this silly school drama. Check it out to see what other missions this club has to complete. In addition, each episode is only 14 minutes so it will go by really quickly.

#3 The Flatterer

This one definitely lands on the ‘different’ radar for obscure and unusual dramas. Adapted from the webcomic, these characters are styled accordingly. Their mannerisms are so animated and over the top. I really enjoyed the styling of the characters in this, even the minor characters had interesting quirks that made you want to see more of them.

One of those characters is a student who certainly cannot be a student... but somehow is?


The story touches on our male lead, who is a transfer student arriving at his new school. He is hoping to have finally escaped bullying from his last school and start anew.


At first he takes on a strong, no-nonsense, tough guy attitude. 

But when he gets put in his place by bullies, he seeks out a back up plan to push back at the gang of school thugs who are bent on letting him have it!

Though bullying in schools is no laughing matter, this drama is definitely more on the comedic side than serious. The story presents itself in a way where the viewer can't help but hope that these tacky-looking bad guys pay for their mistakes. And even though our lead might have made some bad choices too, it’s those decisions that shape his story. Check out the visuals on this cast:





If you are in the mood for a not-so-typical school drama with a twist, then check out The Flatterer!

#2 Sassy Go Go

This cute drama will have you cheering for the students at this school. It is about an underdog group of students who struggle to maintain their 'Cheer' club and keep it from being closed.


There are some strong rivalries between the smartest kids and the underdogs, who might not be geniuses when it comes to studying. However, when it comes to 'cheer', they’ve definitely got game!
There is a little crush than slowly blossoms into romance, as the rivals get to know each other and work out their differences.


Some various school dramatics come up along the way and we get to see these characters grow.


PS this drama also has Ji Soo!!!

#1 Splash Splash Love

On the day of a very important Math test, Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) steps into a puddle and falls smack-dab through time into the Joseon Era. There she meets the young and handsome, King Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon).


The King is very impressed with her futuristic skills of Math and forces her to be his teacher. The two have a hilarious chemistry that makes it easy for them to fall for each other.



But will this couple be able to remain together? Afterall, she is from the future and he is stuck in the 'past.' Watch to find out!!  

What are your favorite school dramas?