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by CharlieBishop on November 28, 2016
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I’m exceptionally bad at video games, but that doesn’t mean I dislike them. In fact, I love video games. Sometimes while I play them, i'm reminded of shows that i've previously seen, especially Kdramas, due to their often wild, fantastical nature. So, in no particular order, here are five more Kdramas that would make great video games. In case you missed my previous article about Kdramas as video games, here it is.

Remember, everything written here is my opinion. Enjoy!

Time Between Dog and Wolf- Stealth


Think Hitman, but with less killing (if that makes sense). 

Soo Hyun can disguise himself with ease (just like Agent 47), and he can easily defend himself because of his time at the NIS and his stint as a Muay Thai fighter. The game would be rife with heartbreak and intrigue, and I can’t help but get a little giddy thinking of how the stealth would play out (I’m thinking Hitman-style hiding in plain sight, but missions more like Dishonored). The possible quests for this theoretical game also seem like they would be super interesting, with ones focused on stealing, and others on finding out the secret connections between your parents and Mao.

38 Task Force- Episodic interactive drama


It would be so much fun to play as Sung Il, learning to be the perfect con-artist from scratch (unless you happen to already be a practiced con-artist, in which case, this game would be a breeze for you). 

The show can be separated into chunks based on each of the cons, fitting the structure of a game like Batman: The Telltale Series . Lots of choices to make, and alternate endings not seen in the show. A show as well written as 38 Task Force would fit into this sort of game like a glove, and I can almost see in my head all the characters from the show rendered in a style like that of Telltale’s Batman game. The 38TF game would also bring a season two a lot closer to us than the show ever will.

Healer- Platformer


Hear me out: picture Seo Jung Hoo, running across Seoul by its rooftops, on a mission to save Young Shin from gangsters hired by the bad guy. 

The combat would be smooth like butter (unlike Mirror’s Edge), and the platforming would require a ton of skill (just like Mirror’s Edge). Would you be able to fit as much of the complex story of the show into the game? Nope. Would it be worth it to experience hardcore parkour as Seo Jung Hoo? Yes. There’s so many parts of the show that would be so cool to play, like Jung Hoo’s impromptu gymnastics performance on the scaffolding, or the part with the tampered elevator.

I just want to be the Healer. Don’t judge.

STOP SCROLLING! It's about to get spoiler-y up in here! If you don't want spoilers for Scholar Who Walks the Night or Boys Over Flowers, turn back now!

Scholar Who Walks the Night- Hack and slash, action adventure


Scholar Who Walks the Night was met with relatively positive reviews, despite its plot flip-flopping all over and forgetting what it was trying to do. One thing that people who didn’t like the show and ones who did seem to unite over though, is the epic fight scenes. We all seem to agree that the stunts and battles in this show were awesome, just like the original DMC.

Kim Sung Yeol’s style of fighting reminded me of the Son of Sparda himself, Dante, the main character in Devil May Cry. Both Dante and Sung Yeol are very acrobatic while fighting, choosing to jump all over and make quick, intense attacks. Later in the show, Sung Yeol discovers the ability to call out his inner Blue Eyes White Dragon (okay, not literally, but his eyes do turn blue), which could be compared to Dante's Devil Trigger.

Boys Over Flowers- Otome


Guys, I really don’t like this drama, but even I, someone who can't stand BoF, can admit that this show would make a good otome. 

There are a lot of people who very strongly dislike who Jandi ends up with, myself included. I spent the entire show wanting my BoF OTP to come true (hint: it didn’t). I think this game would be a real hit because the player could decide who Jandi ends up with (hint: I would totally make it Jihu). Of course, if you wanted to branch out from the main love triangle, you could blow minds and go for Woobin (quick question: did any of you actually like him?). There could even be an opening animation featuring SHINee’s epic OST song, “Stand by Me” (which only featured three of the members of the band, and it makes me angry every time I think about it).


Incomplete Life- the world’s most depressing office simulator


This show is so sad. Sexism, abuse, and rumors of chicanery are everywhere in this show. Just take a second, though, to imagine experiencing the intense office action of Incomplete Life: The Game: copying papers, avoiding abusive higher-ups, working on the item.

Pure bliss.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to leave comments below about what Kdramas you think would make great video games, and if you want, tell me about what you want to see from me next: reviews, personal lists, or something else entirely. I love feedback!

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