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by Skye-N-Rain on November 29, 2016
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2016 is coming to an end and now is your chance to nominate your favorites. We have come up with a few different categories, but don't feel pressured to nominate titles or actors for every single one (although you certainly can.) Let us know who you want to include in this year's Japanese Drama Polls by writing a comment below:

Best Japanese Drama of 2016:   

Best Japanese Movie of 2016: 

Best Romance Drama: 

Best Comedy Drama: 

Best Romantic/Comedy Drama: 

Best Historical Drama:  

Best Family Drama:   

Best Action/Thriller/Suspense Drama: 

Best Mystery Drama:

Best First Episode of a Japanese Drama of 2016:

Best Manga/Anime Adaptation:

Best Medical Drama:

Best Japanese Actor(and for which role?): 

Best Japanese Actress(and for which role?):  

Best Japanese Supporting Actor(and for which role?):    

Best Japanese Supporting Actress(and for which role?): 

Best Up and Coming Actor of 2016(and for which role?):

Best Up and Coming Actress of 2016(and for which role?):

Best Villain:    

Best  Idol Actor(or Actress): 

Best Couple:   

Best Bromance:   

Best OST:   


-You can nominate up to 3 Japanese titles/actors/etc for each category

-Your nominations must be titles/roles played in 2016.

-If a drama has not been completed in 2016, it cannot be nominated. In the case of a drama that will be finished by December 10th, 2016, it is acceptable to nominate it. 

-Nominations will end on Tuesday December 6th at 10pm PST time