by Ceki, January 15, 2017

Hello, these are my favorite Jdorama OSTs of 2016 :) The list is mostly dominated by ballads and a couple of upbeat pop and rock songs. I found the past year to be quite underwhelming and I haven't watched or enjoyed as many dramas as I wished. However, I fell in love with some of the theme songs. So here they are...

*NOTE: Apparently half of the videos posted here are restricted for the following countries: USA, Australia, NZ, Korea and Mexico (which sucks!). However, you can check out the links I posted below the videos and search on that site other videos, they shouldn't be restricted at all (if you are curious). Thanks.

"Kokoro no Mama ni" by Shimatani Hitomi

(Ito Oshikute)

Hitomi is famous for her powerful and beautiful voice which makes this ballad even more surreal. This song fits perfectly the atmosphere of this drama, which follows a 30-year-old woman who is dying but wishes to finally open her heart to love. You can watch the full video here.

"Hanataba wo Kimi ni" by Utada Hikaru

(Toto Nee-chan)

When Utada finally released her new album after a long hiatus in 2016, there was one song that really stood out -Hanataba wo Kimi ni (A Tear-Colored Bouquet), dedicated to her late mother. The beautiful ballad became the theme song for this historical drama about a young girl who becomes the paternal figure for her siblings. You can watch the full music video here.

"Ashita e no Tegami" by Teshima Aoi

(Love That Makes You Cry)

Another great and touching ballad that I fell in love with the moment I heard it. It is a theme song for this romance drama that depicts a group of people, their relationships and everyday struggles. You can check out the full music video here.

"Bokutachi no Mirai" by Ieiri Leo

(Omukae Death)

If you haven't heard of this girl before, then you must check her out! I love almost all of her songs, she is amazing and talented. This is a fast-paced pop song that is a theme song for Omukae Desu, a supernatural drama about a young man who gets involved with the Angel of Death in order to solve people's regrets. You can listen to the full song here.

"Saikou na Shiawase" by Kato Miliyah


The amazing Miliyah did it again! Her upbeat ballad proves to be another fantastic track, this time a theme song for the suspense drama based on Sandra Brown's novel "Mirror Image."

"Jukai no Ito" by Cocco

(Destiny-Like Love)

This song is quite old, it got released in the 90s, oldie but goldie! It is a theme song for the romance drama about an older woman x younger man and I love listening to it. There is simply something mesmerizing about Cocco's voice. Since this video is short, you can watch here the full-length one.

"Suna no Tou" by THE YELLOW MONKEY

(Suna no Tou)

This rock tune was a slow-burner for me, but by the time I've watched a couple of episodes of this drama, I was hooked! It is a great song with a great video, so make sure to check it out. It fits perfectly the intense atmosphere of this drama as well.

"Comet" by Spitz


This business drama is a remake of the famous Korean drama Misaeng, and I adore the theme song! It is a ballad with guitar elements and I found the opening notes so addicting! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the official music video or preview, so if anyone knows anything about it, let me know please.

"Bara no Youni Saite Sakura no Youni Chitte" by Matsuda Seiko

(I Love You The Most)

This woman never fails to amaze me, with either her voice or charisma. She made her debut almost 40 years ago, but she hasn't lost her touch. This ballad (trans. "It Blooms Like a Rose and Scatters Like a Cherry Tree") is simply fantastic, but since the Japanese have a habit of purging the music videos from Youtube, here's the link where you can enjoy this amazing song.

"Mint" by Namie Amuro

(My Dangerous Wife)

My Dangerous Wife is a drama only loosely based on the famous novel Gone Girl but it still became a sensation due to a fast-paced plot and crazy characters. This upbeat and catchy song by Namie serves an an insert track and it is fabulous. You can enjoy it in full here.

Honorable mentions:

Which theme songs of 2016 are your favorites? :) 
Thanks for reading! xxx

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