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by CharlieBishop on April 29, 2017
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K-Dramas are known for how emotional they can be. Characters die left and right, leaving you crying in front of your computer. Love pentagons keep you guessing as you wonder which gorgeous person will end up with which. Misunderstandings, cheating, and chance encounters are central to what makes K-Dramas what they are. So, in the midst of all this angst, what could be better than something simple, something subtle to make you smile, to relieve you of the pain of another bout of amnesia? Here are some scenes I've seen over the years that do just that.

Warning: Spoilers for Goblin and Descendants of the Sun ahead!

The lights are hearts - Misaeng Episode 5

This was my favorite moment from the show. Geu Rae gets caught rifling through files in the office late at night. Mr. Oh saves him from getting in trouble and takes a seat at his desk while Geu Rae stands in front of him, hanging his head. He feels bad and apologizes for digging through another team's things, only for Mr. Oh to invite him out for a drink. Mr. Oh hadn't shown Geu Rae that sort of kindness before this point, and Geu Rae actually sees the lights shining behind Mr. Oh as hearts. Geu Rae is small in stature and young at heart. He would do anything to be taken seriously, so this moment where Mr. Oh begins to treat him as an equal is cute and very uplifting. The chemistry between the two actors was palpable in this scene and only served to give it even more impact.


You might get PTSD - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 3

This drama is super serious most of the way through, so I think the writers tried to make the beginning more lighthearted to ease the viewers into the political mess that dominates most of the show. After Wang Wook saves Soo from assassins and from his brother, they go home. Wook and Soo have a heart-to-heart about what it's like to kill someone, and Soo wonders aloud if Wook will have nightmares or get PTSD because of her. Of course, when she says this, she uses the Konglish word '스트레스' (stress), which confuses Wook. Since this show takes place in the Goryeo dynasty, English words hadn't yet weaseled their way into everyday Korean speech. Wook, who can't even say the word properly, cutely asks for clarification. After all the heavy dialogue about killing people, this little bit was very welcome and made me smile. It's one of my favorite parts of the whole show.


Watch out! Spoilers for Descendants of the Sun and Goblin ahead!

Is that a ghost?  Descendants of the Sun Episode 16

Yoo Si Jin suddenly reappears on the anniversary of his death. Mo Yeon makes a video call back to her doctor friends in Korea to tell them about the news. She makes the video call with Si Jin in the background, munching on the offerings Mo Yeon sat out for his spirit, which startles the doctors. They all think he's a ghost, with Chi Hoon even asking Mo Yeon to send him off peacefully, with other doctors screaming and fainting. Mo Yeon gets a good laugh out of her dopey doctor friends, and so did I. Si Jin's return was actually spoiled for me, so I wasn't surprised when he turned up, but this adorable bit with all the gullible, emotional doctors definitely eased my bitterness about having his triumphant return spoiled.

Blushy Kim Shin - Goblin Episode 9

This whole drama was adorable, but there's one scene in particular that really warmed my heart. The Reaper stands at the door when Shin and Eun Tak return home, and the Reaper instantly demands that Shin goes somewhere with him. Eun Tak becomes defensive, and stands in the way, referring to the Goblin as her “Mister”. Shin gets all blushy and practically melts into a puddle behind Eun Tak. This scene really says a lot about Shin as a character. He's not nearly as much of a loner as he would like the world to think, and he's a really cute person. Also, I love how Eun Tak is carrying all the heavy bags, while Shin carries the stuffed Mr. Buckwheat.

Yay! No more spoilers!

Basically any time Jung Hoo smiles - Healer

Like a lot of people, I really love Ji Chang Wook. He's a really awesome, gorgeous actor, and he's a theater kid (and being one myself, I have a soft spot for boys that can sing, dance, and act). Most importantly, he has an absolutely heart-melting smile. This lovely grin of his helped to create some of the sweetest moments in one of my all time favorite K-Dramas. Every time he smiles, I smile, and with a show like Healer, which can get kind of heavy, his beautiful, infectious smiles lightened the mood and became one of my favorite things in the show.


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Bonus: The next article I'm thinking of doing is a list of my top 10 most gorgeous Korean actors (not actresses, I'm saving that for later). Since I can't put every Korean actor in a poll, I'm asking that you comment below with the Korean actor you think is the best looking. I'll tally up the votes and include what you all think along with my article! Thanks!

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