by ruby, September 4, 2017

Goblin vs. The Bride of Habaek

Before The Bride of Habaek had even aired, many anticipating viewers could not help but notice the uncanny similarity it had to another one of tvN’s hits: Goblin. So, is it a carbon copy, or does it stand on its own? In this article, we will be talking about which one tops the other. 

Disclaimer: This article will contain no spoilers, so no worries if you’re worried about ruining any aspects of the drama! These opinions belong to my own, I completely do not expect everyone to agree with these, and I hope you respect mine as I respect yours! With that being said, let’s get started!



Both of these dramas put the focus on two immortal creatures. In Goblin, we follow Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), a Goblin who possesses his enchanting powers for centuries. On the other scale of the spectrum, we follow Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) in The Bride of Habaek. He belongs in a world cast in a faraway land separated away from mortals. In my eyes, Kim Shin takes the cake for this category. As undoubtedly goofy and adorable seeing Habaek attempt to fit into his human peers, he falls in the background beside Kim Shin.

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Bonus: Do I really need to defend my reason for this? Eeek, what is that wig!



Again, Goblin beats The Bride of Habaek in this category. Kim Go Eun is able to naturally fill her role as quirky and fun. Along with her acting skills, there is undeniable chemistry with between her character Eun Tak and her Goblin. Unfortunately, Shin Se Kyung ends up caught in a less exciting dialogue with a stiffer presence. In the end, as a viewer, I failed to see the connection between her character and Habaek.

W19QD9D1_687472_f.jpg  W3rXGDm1_cad4b2_f.jpg

Nonetheless, both of these two actresses are undeniably beautiful! 


This one is a draw! Both have incredibly ethereal and memorable songs that fit perfectly with the mood. Goblin's OST was probably more memorable, but The Bride of Habaek showcased some good tearjerker songs. Take a listen to some of my favourites from both of them!



Now we’re looking at which one will be easier to fly through. Sometimes, you really need a drama you can just relax at without analyzing every small detail. With that being said, I am going to hand this one to The Bride of Habaek. There is significantly less dialogue in this one compared to Goblin, as well as more cutesy tropes that can especially appeal to a certain group of viewers.



For me, this HANDS DOWN goes to Goblin. But in actuality, this is a draw between Goblin and The Bride of Habaek. When it comes down to it, it’s all about your personal aesthetic and preference. If you’re looking for breathtaking backdrops in different environments and lightings, paired up with some incredible filming... Goblin will be right up your alley. If you prefer bright, fun colours that look out of this world, you’ll love The Bride of Habaek!

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The Verdict?

Coming from someone who only fully watched 5 episodes and skimmed through the remaining The Bride of Habaek, it's hard to say. It seems The Bride of Habaek was not trying to create a grand story like Goblin was. Instead, it was a fun, goofier story that ended up taking itself too seriously. It didn't help that there was a HUGE hype train that caused the demise of this drama. In the end, Goblin falls on top. 

What are your opinions on these two dramas? Which one do you like better: Goblin or The Bride of Habaek?

Leave any thoughts down below in the comments. Thanks for reading!