by prettytin, September 19, 2017

Currently Watching: Kahogo no Kahoko


Do you know anyone who has a sheltered life? Or is being overprotected? 

Honestly, I do know some but not as overprotected as Kahoko.

Who Is Kahoko?


Kahoko is the main lead of this drama. As the synopsis of this drama says, she is a naïve 21-year old university student who relies too much on her mother Izumi (Kuroki Hitomi).

The first picture represents how protected she is. She is dressed in a bubble wrap with stickers saying ‘Fragile’.

One day, she meets Mugino Hajime who grew up in a completely opposite environment than her. Because of this, her world changes.


What Makes Me Enjoy This Drama

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Takahata Mitsuki plays Kahoko very well. The naivety of Kahoko isn’t annoying. You would even find it adorable. And you would understand her as you learn how she was raised by her family.

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But her father thinks of her as a frog, and honestly, I now also see a frog in her. Hehe Her chemistry with Takeuchi Ryoma as Hajime is also lovable.

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Though they are worlds apart, you can see how they meet halfway. It seems so natural. 

Even if Hajime is always surprised with the weird suggestions of Kahoko, he would be supportive or bring her back to reality.


This drama is not only a love story but it is also a good story about family

No family is perfect but we learn how to live through it, and we learn to love each one. It makes us see why family is important. Yes, we may hate the family we were born into, but still, it’s a gift to us.


Lastly, it’s a funny and heartwarming drama at the same time.

To end, I’m going to share with you how to confess to your crush Kahoko style, source: HERE

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I hope this convinces you to watch this drama. Thank you!