by prettytin, February 12, 2015

(note: I'll use the name Im Siwan since that's what I'm used to in calling him. We're close :P )

This will be about my favorite idol-actor Im Shiwan/Im Siwan. Yup, he is an idol. He is a member of ZE:A, however I will talk about him as an actor and not as a singer because I honestly have not seen any of their stage performances (sorry ZE:A fans). But he is my favorite idol-actor.

I have not seen all of his dramas/movies so I'll just mention those I've watched - though just a few. I still became a fan.

The Equator Man


This is where I first got interested in him. I watched this drama for Lee Hyun Woo, but Im Siwan totally captured my heart here.  He played the young Lee Jang Il really well. You would feel happy when he's happy hanging out with his best friend, sad when he's being bullied, and when his mind is conflicted, his eyes say it all. No need for words.

I think he is the perfect younger version of Lee Joon Hyuk.  They are similar. When Lee Jang Il is an adult, the acting and the character are the same with the younger Lee Jang Il.


The Attorney


Im Siwan was Park Jin Woo, a student activist who was captured and tortured by the government. This is another stellar performance from Siwan. I'm not sure if he lost weight for this film or if he is really that thin. If he is that thin, he should eat more.  Hehe.

Anyway, in this movie, you would not see him much, but when you see him, you would like to protect him. You can feel the pain he experienced through the physical and psychological torture.

One time, Siwan mentioned that his co-star Song Kang Ho would always scold him because of his acting especially if his acting is not from the heart. I guess, that's the reason why you can really feel his pain in the movie.



I am only up to episode 4 here and I saw Siwan only for a few minutes, so I can't really comment on this, but I am still going to watch this because Kim Jaejoong is there. He is my other favorite idol-actor. Just one comment though... I don't like Siwan's hair in this drama. Hehehe.

Incomplete Life/Misaeng

This is one of my favorite dramas of 2014. Siwan is the lead in this drama. The drama started by revolving around him, Jang Geu Rae, a former Go player who is forced to an office job where he was looked down upon because, unlike his peers, he did not graduate from a university.

Im Siwan, playing the innocent Jang Geu Rae, is perfect. His physical attributes, being a lanky type and not the "hunk" type, makes him a perfect ordinary intern that can be bullied. Yes, it was always acknowledged in the drama that he is good-looking, but that's just it, not the heartthrob type. Honestly, when I watched him in Misaeng, it was like I could see his real personality. As we all know, ZE:A is not that big unlike the other idols who debuted after them, but they still work hard. They don't give up. Just like Jang Geu Rae and just like Im Siwan.  

I think it's his eyes. There's innocence and drive in his eyes that make him the perfect Jang Geu Rae.


Because of Misaeng, he landed a lot of CFs and became an ambassador, but most importantly he composed a song for the OST of the drama. The lyrics of the song perfectly summarize the drama.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun


A lot of people started to recognize him because of this drama. I have not seen it, but I'm sure he was very good since a lot of people praise him and know him for it. It opened his acting career.

Looking Forward to Romance

I accidentally saw this in KBS World and watched it because of Daniel Choi. Then I got a very pleasant surprise by the appearance of Im Siwan. He plays the boyfriend of BoA. Even if he is younger than BoA in real life, it was not obvious. He played the role perfectly of the serious and in love cutie Jung Jin Gook. You would fall in love with him on how he looks at his girlfriend. I am sure you would also get teary-eyed with his acting. A lot of people were impressed and surprised with his acting here.

Reply 1997 (cameo)


Yes, he is the chatmate of Shi Won! The guy who called her using the payphone during the game in which Yun Jae answered. 

When I saw him here, I looked for his name on who he is. But I didn't stalk him yet since it's just a cameo role. He was just soooo handsome!

Personal life: 

Siwan is intelligent in real life. He passed the entrance exam of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Busan University and belonged to the upper 10% of passers. He got 450 out of the 500 questions correct. From elementary to high school, he was the class president, school vice-president and was always ranked first in his class. He loves playing with the Rubik's cube.

And he plays the violin!!!!

I have also watched an episode of Dream Team where he was a guest. I was surprised that he was strong and can really compete. He nearly won. Why am I surprised? Because I really see him as the lanky type.

That's it for Im Siwan. I hope I convinced you enough to stalk him too. And I hope you enjoyed my first article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sorry for the flaws, I'm not really a writer.  And I wish everyone a romantic-comedic filled 2015.

**If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Elisabetta about it.