by lo_ve, January 11, 2023

2 PM's Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An will be the main leads of the upcoming K-drama "My Heart Beats" (working title).

KBS confirmed on January 11 that Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An have been picked to lead the upcoming Monday-Tuesday K-drama "My Heart Beats." 

The upcoming series will premiere in the first half of 2023 and it will showcase the romance between a half-human vampire and a woman with out-of-this-world beauty. The two will end up living together.

There are no confirmed details yet on which actors will join the two as supporting roles in the upcoming K-drama.

"My Heart Beats" will begin its production soon and it will premiere this year. The upcoming K-drama will exclusively air on KBS.

Ok Taec Yeon will portray the role of Sun Woo Hyeol. He is half-human and half-vampire. One day, he decides to become human so he goes into a cave and eats only garlic and mugwort for 100 years. However, he just barely misses out on becoming human and is cursed with eternal life. 

This will be the second upcoming K-drama of Ok Taec Yeon for 2023. The idol actor will also lead the upcoming series "Taereung Zombie Village" directed by Kim Min Ho ("Unstoppable"). Last year, Ok Taec Yeon was also busy with the K-drama "Blind" and the film "Hansan: Rising Dragon." 

Meanwhile, Won Ji An will play the role of Joo In Hae. She is incredibly beautiful but lacks humanity. She grew up poor and worked endlessly to survive. She doesn't have hope and faith in humans until she encounters the half-vampire Sun Woo Hyeol.

This will also be the second project of Won Ji An for the year. The rising actress will also join the new K-drama "Happy Boy" with Sung Yoo Bin, Jo Hyun Chul, Bae Gang Hee, and Lee Suk Hyeong.


Do you think Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An will make a good pair in the upcoming K-drama "My Heart Beats"?