by HappySqueak, February 8, 2018

The Journey + The Journey 2: I'm sort of doing this in bulk, back to back as the first season of the drama is 12 episodes and then goes onto the next season to continue the story. This is a fun, well-paced action/adventure story mixed with time travel, magic and romance throughout! Find out below why you should be watching!

*Please note this article contains some spoilers from episodes and character development details.

5: A Funny Sort of Kick-Butt Female Lead

Ye Yin played by Zhou Yu Tong, is very determined to do a good job in her assigned work! Quirky, random and weird could be a few words to describe her upbeat, jovial personality. She's funny but she also tries to be strong and kick-butt when needed. 

Sometimes, this kind of character design could come off more annoying, but because she is so committed even in the light-hearted tacky moments, it really makes you find her adorable and cute!

She might be a damsel in distress on occasion and mostly in comedic fashion but she often has a trick or two up her sleeves. (Magical cards that she can utilize for various purposes.)

4: The Special Effects and Sound Effects

CGI and Sound Effects, to be honest, they're not great, they could be better. But they are enough to make you smile at their corniness and, you may chuckle at the Vampire's little bat minions that flutter about. Not to mention female lead's birdy sidekick who is around a fluffy ball of stupid!

This cute little fluff tries to be of help, however, he is more of a nuisance. Also, he has a funny character voice over. OST is decent!

3: Mysterious Second Male Lead

I'll be honest, at first, I was a little confused about who actually was the first male lead but as the story went on it was easy to figure it out (I had not seen the cast list before watching). Alrighty, so now with the info of knowing that Ye Yin travels to the past on missions Si Yin played by Fu Xin Bo is the 'Master' who issues these missions.

As the story develops, we soon learn more about his character, nature and ambitions. As reincarnations of him are present in every time period Ye Yin goes to.

2: The Drama itself

I really had no expectations going in, yet found myself laughing and enjoying the script and characters very much.  It reminded me of Anime characters and storylines. Maybe it has been awhile where I've seen a lightly written comedy adventure, where you can really feel that the cast is having a great time in their roles!  

If you follow fantasy Chinese theme dramas it will have that sense of familiarity about it from the beautiful costumes and magical aspects. The mix of a magic with a present-day setting made this story interesting from the beginning. I would also note that some viewers have found the ending just a little open, where some might be satisfied with how it wraps up. So please keep that in mind.

1: Male Lead a Sexy Vampire with Huge Unrequited Love!

You will long for Ya Long (literally). Pictured above sporting his season 1 look and then season 2 style. Played by handsome actor Ma Ke.

A broodingly sweet seductive vampire with a love for centuries with the girl he holds dear but only seems to come across randomly through time! This is such a neat way to have them run into each other, as she only meets him when on a special mission. Each time he tries to ensnare her, and lovingly keep her captive so he can turn her into his Vampire  Bride (okay this part might be against her will and interrupts her mission.)

You can feel their chemistry building after each encounter and she seems to like his company more and more! Like a well-played dramatic anime moment, Ya Long arrives swiftly in the nick of time to save her when in peril, but she has returned the favour and saved him at times as well, which as a viewer makes you cheer for them. 

He is depicted as a villain because he is a vampire. In the romance-driven moments, you see his kind heart and it melts together in a very swoon-worthy way.

I think dramas fans might enjoy a drama that does not need to be taken so seriously, but something they can get amusement from through a simple devised adventure, a heartfelt love of a vampire to the one he desires, and a mysterious Master whose identity needs to be revealed. These episodes are only 45 minutes long and with Season 1 and 2 completed this would make a great binge watch.

Have you watched this drama? Did you drop or like it? Let me know down below.