by Ceki, May 30, 2018

Hi guys! Here are my top 12 theme songs from 2017 Japanese dramas! If you like what you hear, check out my 2016 edition as well. Some of these artists are my favourite Japanese musicians so it is no wonder they wormed their way (once again) into my favourite Jdorama OSTs list. NOTE: I provided the links to full music videos in case some of these YT links might be restricted in your region. Enjoy!

Just You and I by Amuro Namie

Haha ni Naru

This beautiful, upbeat ballad by the Jpop queen Namie Amuro is a perfect choice for a drama like Haha ni Naru. The drama follows the married couple and the collapse of their marriage after their son gets kidnapped, and what follows when he mysteriously returns to them.

You can watch the music video in full HERE.

Wakai Hiroba by Kuwata Keisuke


This Asadora takes place during the 60s and they couldn't have chosen the better song! It has an upbeat enka sound that fits the historical setting and atmosphere of the drama perfectly well. I can't get enough of it, it's really that catchy.

Forevermore by Utada Hikaru

Gomen, Aishiteru

Forevermore is a fast, dark song thus a great choice for a suspense drama such as Gomen, Aishiteru. I love its composition and Hikki is one of my favourite Jpop singers so I'm a bit biased. :p 

You can watch the music video in full HERE.

I need your love by Beverly


I love this song! It's a pop dance track and somehow goes well with a thriller drama such as Crisis

You can watch the music video in full HERE.

Destiny by Che'Nelle


The reverse was probably one of the best doramas of 2017 and this song is amazing! The violins, the beat, the music video, everything is perfect! Make sure to check out both the drama and the song!

You can watch the music video in full HERE.

Otona no Okite by Doughnuts Hole


Doughnuts Hole is a fictional band created for the sole purpose of the drama and it consists of its main characters played by the actors: Takako Matsu, Mitsushima Hikari, Issei Takahaski and Ryuuhei Matsuda. The song is originally sung by Shiina Ringo.

Both the song and drama have won numerous awards, they are really great. The song has a retro sound to it and it is very catchy. You can listen to the song in full HERE.

Right Here, Right Everywhere by BoA

Yaneura no Koibito

Who would have thought that such a pretty song by BoA would be a theme song for a crazy drama like Yaneura no Koibito? I can't say it doesn't fit it though... The drama follows a housewife whose creepy ex-boyfriend starts living in her attic (unbeknown to her) and then other creepy things start happening. 

TOKYO GIRL by Perfume

Tokyo Tarareba Musume

I personally do not find this drama worthy of this song. It annoyed me to no end, but hey, this is about best OSTs, not dramas. The song is outstanding, and the visuals of the MV are amazing as well, it is after all Perfume.

Watashi by Otsuka Ai

Kirawareru Yuuki

If you end up liking this song, I urge you to check out the whole album which is called LOVE HONEY. It's fantastic!

Zutto, Futari de by Ieiri Leo

My Lover's Secret

This suspense drama was quite a surprise, but I won't spoil why! Just check it out! I'm a fan of Leo's music and this song is wonderful - catchy and nostalgic. Fun fact: Leo also sang the theme song for Fukushi Sota's previous drama Love Relationship!

You can watch the music video in full HERE.

On my way by Koda Kumi

Mahiru no Akuma

This beautiful ballad by Kuu doesn't have a music video, but you can enjoy the live performance instead. It is a theme song for Mahiru no Akuma, a medical drama about a woman doctor who is kind and patient with patients, but hides her true personality - she is apathetic and immoral and doesn't know why.

Ai no Data ~ Congratulation by Yamazaki Ikusaburo

Aino Kekkon Soudanjo

This drama received mixed reviews, but everyone agreed about the theme song - it is unbelievably catchy! I couldn't find the unrestricted full video, but you can listen to the preview HERE. I hope I'm not the only one who's got "love is a data!" stuck in her head. :p lol

What are your favourite Jdorama OSTs of 2017?

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