by Hazel Jung, May 9, 2023

An entertainment industry insider revealed on the 9th to Sports Chosun, "Cha Joo Young will be the lead in tvN's new drama 'Queen Wongyeong' (written by Lee Young Mi, directed by Kim Sang Ho)." 'Queen Wongyeong' is a story that depicts the life of Queen Wongyeong, the co-founder of royal authority who joined hands with King Taejong Lee Bang Won 600 years ago. It will portray the story of Queen Wongyeong, who had no choice but to be written down in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty as a manifestation of jealousy and desire.

Cha Joo Young will portray the title role of Queen Wongyeong in the drama. The newly created character, Wongyeong, is the daughter of Min Je, a prestigious family in Goryeo. She marries Lee Bang Won, two years younger than her, and eventually helps him ascend to the throne. She is a character who fearlessly reveals her desire for power and will be portrayed attractively in the drama.

Cha Joo Young gained attention as an actress through the Netflix original series 'The Glory,' written by Kim Eun Sook and directed by Ahn Gil Ho. Having previously played supporting roles in various works, she is expected to shine as the lead and take on the title role in 'Queen Wongyeong.' With her stable acting skills, she received praise from viewers through KBS 2TV's 'The Real Has Come!' and proved her popularity by receiving love calls for advertisements from various brands, establishing herself as a rising star.

'Queen Wongyeong' is currently in preparation with the goal of broadcasting in the first half of next year. Director Kim Sang Ho, who directed 'Avengers Social Club,' 'Money Game,' 'Spring Turns to Spring,' and 'Listen to My Heart,' and writer Lee Young Mi, who wrote 'Money Game,' have joined forces for this drama.