by heartaem, January 15, 2020

K-Pop group EXO are no strangers to collecting “first to” titles, and now, member Chen can add another one to his list – Chen is the first EXO member to be getting married. On January 13 2020, the 27-year-old idol (29 in Korean age) took to the Lysn app to post a photo of a handwritten letter to fans announcing that he has “a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life”.

Fans have already been sending support from all around the world, with Chen trending worldwide on Twitter in less than an hour since his post. Most fans are shocked at the sudden announcement, but the positive support for him continues to pour in.

Chen is known for his sole acting role in EXO Next Door. His fan guide is here, and you can see his MDL page here. Despite having limited acting roles, Chen has produced countless OSTs for dramas and the Chinese film Beautiful Accident.

Chen’s official announcement is as follows:

Hello, this is Chen.

I am writing this because I have something to tell you all.
Although I am really nervous and anxious about how to even begin, I wanted all of you to be the first to know the honest truth as you all have given me so much love, so I am writing this even with flawed sentences.

I have a girlfriend with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

Although I had worries and concerns about what kind of things would happen as a result of this decision, because I wanted to deliver the sudden news as early as possible so that our members and company whom I’ve been together with, and especially our fans who are proud of me, wouldn’t be so shocked, I’ve been communicating with the company and members.

In the middle of doing so, a blessing came to me. Since the situation changed, becoming one where I could no longer do what I’d been planning to do with the company and members, I was very flustered, but found strength through this blessing.

As I could no longer take any more time to think about when and how to tell you, I carefully mustered up my courage. I am thankful to the members who sincerely congratulated me after hearing the news, and I’m also deeply grateful to all of you who have given me who is lacking overwhelming love that I don’t deserve.

I will always remember my grateful heart, I will keep doing my best in my place, and I will repay your love that all of you have given me.

Thank you always.

Full translation:

This was followed up by an official statement from Chen’s company; SM Entertainment:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

Chen has met a precious destiny (or relationship), and will be marrying.

The bride is a non-celebrity, and the marriage is planned to be held with only both families attending.

Following the will of the family, the marriage and everything related to it will proceed privately.

We ask for gracious love and understanding of fans and reporters.

Even from now on, Chen will repay [your love] by continuing to show his unchanged hardworking side as an artist.

We ask for your many blessings and congratulations to Chen.

Thank you.

Rough translations:
Upon asking for permission to use the translations, they provided me with a more cohesive translation that wasn’t rushed under time constraint to provide an understanding of the situation.

Currently, it has not been confirmed what this “blessing” is, and fans are encouraged not to speculate until Chen himself confirms.

I wish Chen all the happiness he deserves; his note reads full of love for his partner. He obviously cares about her deeply, and I could not be more excited about the fact that he has found someone he is so in love with and that he can be himself with.

For 8 years, Chen has been a member of EXO, his own solo career and providing OSTs for the drama industry, and SM confirms he will continue doing this despite his marriage. I, and many other fans, will continue to support him through thick and thin.

I truly hope his marriage works out and that they are happy with each other for their lives together.

EXO released their latest album Obsession in 2019 with the title track Obsession released on November 27, 2019. Their repackage album is expected in the first quarter of 2020; no details have been released as of yet.

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