by Lily Alice, June 25, 2024

Gyeongseong Creature actor Choi Young Joon receives a casting offer for The Price of Confession.

On June 25, the actor's agency, Ace Factory, told Newsen, "He has received the offer [to join The Price of Confession] and is currently reviewing it."

The Price of Confession is a story about the bloody chronicle of two women surrounding a murder case. 

Ahn Yun Soo is an ordinary woman working as an art teacher, whose uneventful life takes a turn when she gets caught up in an unexpected incident. Whereas, Mo Eun is a mysterious woman with an unknown identity who is feared by everyone because of her antisocial tendencies. 

Jeon Do YeonKim Go EunPark Hae Soo and Jin Seon Kyu have also received casting offers for the same K-drama. 

Actress Kim Go Eun has been offered the role of Mo Eun, a mysterious woman and the defendant in a murder case. Jeon Do Yeon is in talks to play Ahn Yoon Soo, an art teacher who lost her husband, and Jin Seon Kyu was offered the role of Jang Jeong Gu, a boxer-turned-lawyer hired by Ahn Yoon Soo. Park Hae Soo received the offer to portray Baek Dong Hoon, the top prosecutor at the Northern District Prosecutors Office.

Choi Young Joon is in talks to play Jin Young In, a public defender who enjoys dressing up and presenting himself well. He likes a sleek suit fit and has an appearance that evokes trust and likability from others. Jin Young In, having been recognized for his abilities in the legal field, was offered a position as a law professor at a private university. While teaching students, he happens to see news about Mo Eun, who is called a witch, and decides to become her public defender.