by Ceki, November 26, 2017

We are all drawn to Asian dramas and films because they are really outstanding and unique - be it the production, culture, or languages. But sometimes they take their uniqueness to a completely new level, especially when it comes to the titles in Engrish, thus we end up with LOL and Huh? reactions.

So here are 10 drama and film titles that I found both creepy and funny at the same time. Enjoy and feel free to post your examples in the comment section! 

*NOTE: this article is for laughs only, not to offend anyone.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

This film is definitely not about cannibalism so do not worry! Apparently, there is a deeper meaning to this title. In the past, people believed that if one of your organs is not functioning well, then you should eat the corresponding and healthy organ of an animal (or even human? hehe). For the full explanation, check out shou's tumblr page.

How Are You Bread

The process of making bread? Talking to a slice of bread and asking it how it is? The process of being bred? It doesn't help that there's no question mark at the end. Ah, syntax. There is more than one possibility I guess. At least that's what my thoughts had been until I read that this drama is about a love story between a baker and a variety show writer.

When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead

Are you thinking the same as moi? The wife got sick and tired of cooking, cleaning and dealing with her husband's crap so she decided to troll him every night he gets home from work? I think that would be a great plot actually. Unfortunately, we can't find out until the movie gets released, or until someone reads the manga it is based on.

I'm Underage But I'm Not A Child

As if the title is not already creepy, we have these two guys extending their hands to a presumably underage girl. However, the title sounds worse than it really is because the main leads are all high school students; BUT what makes it really creepy is the fact that the main female lead gets her marriage arranged at the age of 16... in the 21st century.

I Love My President Though He's A Psycho

In this case, the title definitely reflects the plot. The main lead is a real psycho who likes abusing the female lead and suffers from a paranoid disorder. Many fans have described the plot as totally bizarre, but whatever floats your boat! It is most likely one of those dramas that you can't stop watching, no matter how bad they are.

What The Duck

To be honest, I have no idea what the plot is about. At first, I thought the title is a wordplay of "What the F" but I see there's a duck in the cover picture so... who knows!

Naked Fireman

Sorry ladies, no naked firemen in this one! But you still get sneak peaks of Lee Joon Hyuk's abs :D He is supposed to pose as a nude model, but unfortunately, we don't get to really see it! Fun fact: you will actually get a nice surprise if you google "naked fireman" :D You're welcome!

I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon

The title will definitely confuse but the plot is more serious than you would think - it deals with bullying and acceptance. The "becoming a hard persimmon" refers to becoming a stronger and tougher person but it is still funny!


The motto of the film is "sometimes you got to SUCK before you SUCCEED!" lol SuckSeed is apparently a wordplay of "succeed", but it is still bound to give you a really wrong idea.


Everyone heard of sugar daddies and sugar mamas, but have you actually heard of "papakatsu"? That's a new trend in Japan where older men give money to girls in exchange for their companionship, but without any sex involved. It is described more as a relationship between a mentor and hostess than two lovers. This drama deals with this theme.

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Which drama & film titles do you find creepy and funny?
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