by HappySqueak, April 24, 2017

We’ve all done it, at one point or another... clicked on that odd drama title out of curiosity while on the hunt for a good drama to watch. Would you watch or would you skip! Some drama fans might have completed some of these title gems while some mentioned below are currently airing 2017 titles. Can’t judge a book by its cover, so how about judging a drama or film by its title!?

#10 I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho

Sounds self-explanatory. Plot and concept are fully explained in this title. Is this one on your list, or are you going to skip it?

#9 Gasohug

The cover poster is cute. Without even reading the synopsis you get a general idea - it's a love story with a gas station attendant!

#8 Naked Fireman

Meep! Okay, I am not a pervert, but I’ll admit I did watch this short drama awhile back. And it’s not what you might think based off the title. But really, who hasn’t seen buff firemen on calendars with cute puppies or only dressed from the waist down while at the fire station.. that kind of promotional imaging.

In Naked Fireman, a fireman makes some extra money modeling. He gets entangled with the artist, a young woman whose family was murdered and the killer has not been caught yet. She and the fireman must trust each other to work together to solve the case and find the real murderer.

#7 Super Salaryman Saenai-shi

The title and poster image combo have me smiling as to what this story entails!

#6 Husband's Secret Stash

Okay, "Husband’s Secret Anything" lets you know that something’s gonna be up! But to find out would be an investment of time. Is this drama something you’d want to watch?

#5 My Lover from the Planet Meow

This one had me scratching my head, and the title is absurdly funny and cute. It’s not currently slated for any of my lists but it does make me curious!

#4 Heirs From Another Star

This funny title is mostly well known among the drama community because it sounds very much like a mash-up of Heirs (Lee Min Ho) and My Love From Another Star.

#3 Kung Fu Yoga

Breathe, release, be calm and unleash some kung fu with Jackie Chan! This action/adventure comedy film is actually a 2017 release.

#2 Drunken to Love You

I actually found this title really annoying because by the power of booze the leads meet and get together. And well, yes, this could happen IRL. Boozing it up sounds like it would result in a continuously messy plot. I did, however, catch several episodes before dropping it.

#1 Golden Chicken

I think it was more the poster image that caught my eye while browsing titles. Some viewer discretion might be advised on this Chinese film since it does have a storyline with a prostitute as the female lead.

What is the weirdest, funniest or most unusual drama title you have come across on your drama-watching journey?