by Benevolentia , August 15, 2020

Currently Watching: Lost Romance

Hello all, my fellow MDLers! 

I am here to tell you about a Taiwanese drama currently airing called Lost Romance.


Following the recent trend of character and fictional story character coming to interact, such as The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Extraordinary YouW- Two Worlds and so on… 

Starring Vivian Sung and Marcus Chang, known for their popular works Our Time and Behind Your Smile, respectively. Lost Romance centres on novel editor Zheng Xiao En, a specialist in arrogant CEO novels that absolutely DREAMS about having a whirlwind romance with one. Enter He Tian Xing, our hot, rich, hardworking Male Lead. He is amidst an inheritance war with his evil sibling sister for control of his family’s company. Following some regrettable events, Zheng Xiao En and He Tian Xing happen to enter their respective comas. Drama ensues. Zheng Xiao En’s subconscious now awakens in this new world, inside one of the novels she is the editor for “CEO, you are naughty”. Instead of He Tian Xing, this novel stars his doppelgänger Si Tu Ao Ran, a stereotypical arrogant, domineering CEO. Now Zheng Xiao En plays the role of the evil side character, working at his company, she is often speculated to be bullying his “precious” Chu Chu, the novel’s Female Lead. Finding no way out of this new world, Zheng Xiao En sees this as her opportunity to have her whirlwind romance with a CEO as she has always wanted. Will she win this rigged game?

I have watched all episodes as of date, but this review will cover up to the first arc, minimal Spoilers ahead. In ALL honesty, I did not like the first episode, but it is not a good reflection of the drama. I was not fond of the first episode and nearly lost hope. I, personally, found the first episode overall very tardy and cringy, the characters were jarring, plot points too far fetched, it was just weird. I held on for the next week’s episode when Zheng Xiao En would be in the New World in episode 2. The second episode is full 180, the characters were engaging, the story had found its footing, and found myself enjoying watching Zheng Xiao En character’s antics and frustrations. It showed there is still hope and gave me great expectations for what was to come.

The plot of this drama has hence progressed pretty solidly, but the main draw, I would say, is more so the range of characters this drama has to offer. Portrayed by solid actors, making these interesting characters feel even more alive. So far, this drama has taken a lot of the tropes you see and flipped them on their heads. There is also a discussion forum to join with other MDLer’s for theories on the show. 


Zheng Xiao En

Our main protagonist, before entering the novel’s world, leads a pretty uneventful life as an editor for domineering CEO novels in a small publishing company. Given her occupation, she is equipped with extensive knowledge in domineering the CEO genre. Totally understanding of all the possible tropes/pitfall, plot holes and character settings. She often vents, what we also share: her frustration for the domineering CEO genre. She knows certain actions will return certain results, but can not psychically bring herself to it out of stubborn pride. :” D Her character is stubborn, unruly and has no shame, she will not hold back to speak her mind.

He Tian Xing | Si Tu Ao Ran

I can’t say much for He Tian Xing as he has spent most of his scenes in a coma. Moving on… 

Si Tu Ao Ran is THE basic definition of arrogant, domineering CEO, and as always  Marcus Chang has brought it home.

Following the stereotype: 

  • he is narcissistic; 
  • accompanied by childhood trauma resulting in an irrational fear (here that be THE DARK);  
  • an unfailing ability to show up when the Female Lead (Chu Chu) is in any danger or in need; 
  • And of course ABS and many shower scenes (A kind fellow MDLer pointed out he has been shirtless at least once in every episode thus far, bless).

I do believe/hope it’s only time until  Zheng Xiao En melts his heart for him to show some more depth and personal growth.

Duan Mu Qing Feng

Stop here if you do not like Second Lead Syndrome, like don’t even read on, have a nice day goodbye, but please do watch this drama. ‘:))

Simon Lian portrays the second male lead, Duan Mu Qing Feng, he is a SWEETHEART and a scene-stealer! His role in this novel world is the unrequited love for Chu Chu. He is kind, observant and honestly pretty funny at times, an all-around, pretty great guy. He spends time together with Zheng Xiao En to ensure that their respective desired partners do not come together, (sounds like Our Times). Surprisingly he has not fallen in many of stereotypical tropes of this genre and seems to be breaking out of his box, especially as the story progresses. 

Chu Chu

Chu Chu is our “Female Lead”, she is innocent, earnest, caring, etc. (you get the idea), very similar to female leads in Love 020 and Boss and Me. In all honesty, I have yet to warm up to her character, but that’s also my own prejudice against her character settings, as well as her character has not been given much screen time to actually give her character any growth. Beyond her character setting, she has not yet played a large role other than an obstacle in Zheng Xiao En’s dream romance.  That being said, I enjoy her interactions with Zheng Xiao En, (wink wink to anybody who has watched episode 6), she is a sheep being led to slaughter.

Thank You for Reading!

So what are you waiting for??! Lost Romance is being subbed and released on Viki every week. Time to catch up and then join me and the rest of us in the torture that Taiwanese dramas provide: that is 1 episode a week. You’re welcome! ;)

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