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   Cookie here! 

My life in 4 pics:


Touch on the image to be redirected to a little bit of music.
I like listening to other languages. If you have any music from your native country (or not!) that you'd like to share with me, please do so!
Ultimate: S. Coups
Bias Wreckers: Mingyu, Wonwoo

 My first two dramas

This was in 2016.  Right away, I felt the need to organise my life dramas and found MDL

Later, I became an editor on the site. 

Have fun on my profile!

PS.: Based on my own criteria. Be kind to you and each other  ^-^

TOP4 Great Roles 

 great actors portraying great roles and some of my favourite characters
Ma Wang played by Cha Seung Won
Song Ji Won played by Park Eun Bin
Age of Youth 1 and 2
Jang Bong Hwan/Kim So Yong played by Shin Hye Sun

Byun Hye Yeong  played by Lee Yoo Ri 
My Father is Strange

Overly obsessed with BL

 it stopped being healthy a long time ago


You can read my fanfiction on AO3 or Watpad: /
If you'd like to write about BB/OhmNNN but don't have any idea, see some here: (including my own challenging prompts ;))
I do not subscribe to any of the crazy stuff some OhmNNN fans did/do. Love them in your own private way but don't mess with their personal carrers.




#1 Japan
Old Fashioned Cupcake - Togawa Nozue
#1 KoreaSemantic Error Sang Woo Jae Young
# 1 Taiwan

We Best Love Series - Shi De ♡ Shu Yi

#1 Thailand
Bad Buddy - Pat Pran

Making My Heart Flutter

Walnut&Cracker Han Soo&Yeong Shil | My Father is Strange

Bai Lang&Xun An | My Tooth Your Love
Lee Hyun&Ji Ahn | Hello Monster

Sang Tae&Mi Jung | Sang Min&Yeon Tae | Five Enough

Jin Ah&Joon He | Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

Seo Dan&Seung Jun | Crash Landing on You
Jang Bong Hwan&King Cheol Jong | Mr. Queen
Fu Yao&Wu Ji | Legend of Fu Yao
Kim&Porchay | KinnPorsche
Wei Wuxian&Wangji | The Untamed

Do Yoon&Joo Ha | Jazz For Two

Be My Friend

 great bromance/sismance - the best romance
Son Oh Gong&Ma Wang | A Korean Odyssey
Goblin&Grim Reaper | Goblin

Ae Ra&Seol Hee | Fight For My Way

Shi Jin&Dae Young | Descendents of the Sun

Age of Youth Gang | Age of Youth 1 and 2 

Mr Ma&See He | Because This is My First Life 

 Cookie's out! 



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