by OldAnimeLady, March 12, 2019


This article will contain slight spoilers for episode 1.

I started watching this because, as any of you that know me, know I am a HUGE Johnny's Fan and KAT-TUN being one of the main groups I follow. Ueda Tatsuya brings fun to this role that seems to be made for him. This is currently being subbed by Blitz fansubs to which I am eternally grateful. So, if you are looking for a comedy, this drama may be just what you are looking for and here are the reasons I think you should be watching this, too.


Based on a manga by Okubo Hiromi where our protagonist is a wannabe rocker. He lives with his girlfriend and has absolutely no concept of money.  

One day, he comes home with a brand new guitar to add to his collection of many so she reaches her limit. She is done and leaves him.

He puts on a brave face until his brother reveals a family secret that requires him to marry soon or he will never be able to, or at least, his chances are very slim.

He decides he must learn how to save money and walks by his now ex-girlfriend who is at a cafe with a man who turns out to be a money saving genius as well as good looking.  

The Rivalry begins to regain his girlfriend and learn how to save money without feeling like he is.


Ueda Tatsuya 
Plays Takao Matsumoto and is just perfect for this Rocker turned spent thrift. His journey thus far has gone from one extreme to the other and is learning how to live in the middle.

Shigeoka Daiki 
Plays Kota Inaba, Matsumoto's rival in love and saving money, but is slowly becoming a close frenemy.

Comedic scenes and pop culture references

The situations that he finds himself in are just too funny and the overdone faces and reactions have me laughing every episode. He is trying so hard and fails on so many levels, but he learns from every mistake. The quirk of yen falling from the sky when he gets things right is great.

Appearances of Rock Legends... sort of: )

If you are a rock fan at all the over the top parodies of the most beloved legends and living rockers are just great shout outs. And, of course, they always equate rock and money saving with their advice to our protagonist.

Money Saving Tips

So if you watch ten or more Japanese dramas, chances are you know that you can save money on your water bill by bathing with water bottles. Tips like this are delivered one after the other in the drama. Some you may even want to try yourself.

I hope I have given you enough reasons for giving the drama a try. It's a special form of comedy and may not be for everyone, but I hope a few of you will enjoy this as much as I am.

Bonus from editor Yuanwei who just started this drama after editing this article. 

He makes so many funny faces and it's only ep 1. :))



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