by Jeana , July 16, 2019

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

It's about time I start my mission of converting you all into faithful followers of this drama. Let's get started!

As the synopsis of Search WWW will tell you, it's an airing drama based on the lives of three working women and how they handle the ups and downs that come their way. But of course, the synopsis doesn't tell you why you should drop everything and make this show your first priority. 

No, I am here for that.

Girl Power

When each episode of a show starts with three badass women looking straight at you and the intro 'Show you a bad girl' plays in the background. You know shit is serious. If you like your drama heroines strong, resilient and total baddies as I do, then this show was made for you. Why? Cause it has three of them.

Bae Ta Mi

Tammy is the definition of what you would call 'tiny but mighty'. On the surface, she looks like this cute, clueless and softspoken woman who couldn't harm a fly but in reality, she is a ferocious director who gets her way no matter how ruthless she needs to be. It's refreshing how in her personal life she lets her hair down but in her professional life, she takes no prisoners. We love a kickass leading lady who can do both.

Cha Hyeon (Scarlett)

Scarlett is without a doubt my most favourite character in the show. She is completely crazy in the best way possible. She is a Judo master and can beat the shit out of anybody who messes with her or the people she cares about. She has a huge temper and a sharp tongue but underneath it all, she's the person who cares the most. She is a hardworking queen with a keen sense of justice and a rocking fashion sense.

Song Ga Kyung

Song Ga Kyung is the embodiment of class and icy grace. She's someone who's been controlled for a very long time and forced to do things against her will but inside she's got a spine of steel and when she needs to she'll step on anybody who comes in her way.

Epic Sismance

The only thing better than watching strong badass women is strong badass women who have each other's back. The sisterhood here is no joke. All three of these women are intertwined. Bae Ta Mi and Scarlett have an enemies to best friends relationship. They can fight at the top of their lungs with each other but, every time it matters, they are there for each other. They make a damn powerful team. Scarlett and Song Ga Kyung have a relationship akin to siblings with mutual love and affection and Bae Ta Mi and Song Ga Kyung are partners-turned-enemies who despite everything, have respect for each other.

Man Of Your Dreams

Park Mo Gun is an actual dream come true. He has all the roguish charm of a bad boy but none of the assholery. Who says nice guys finish last? He is gorgeous, extremely caring, kind, thoughtful, mature, talented and intelligent. Really, if men like him existed in real life it would be too good to be true. He's the perfect combination of decent and sexy, and I honestly couldn't get enough of him. Bad boys are something we swoon over, but would probably slap silly if we met them in real life, but Park Morgan is the guy you love on and off-screen.


There are about three romantic storylines going on and they are all brilliantly done. 

Bae Ta Mi and Park Mo Gun

They are the original OTP. There is kind of a role reversal considering the guy's the one cooking and cleaning. LOL. And the girl is telling him not to dress too risqué when going out. (That's probably good for the female population and their ovaries.) They are both smart and strong individuals and their chemistry is fire. I have never wished for a kiss so much in my entire life. (And boy did I get it mhm.) Usually, K-drama romances lose their luster once the main couple gets together but these two always keep things interesting and despite the age gap, they are just meant to be and fit so good together.

Scarlett and Seol Ji Hwan

Oh God, these two are just too pure together. They are just such sweethearts that you can't help but root for them. Ugh, my babies. ;3

Song Ga Kyung and Oh Jin Woo

These two are dangerous people and brought together for all the wrong reasons but maybe two wrongs can make a right? Who knows.

Story and Acting

The drama is crisply written with a mix of everything. It never drags or gets boring and has powerful moments that spike your adrenaline. This show has an all-star cast and every actor has done justice to their role. So much so, that you feel whatever they are feeling.


Usually, dramas have only one or two excellent songs but it's crazy how every single song in this show is amazing and fits the moment perfectly. I can't appreciate the OST enough, it turned scenes into magic and I downloaded all of the songs as soon as I was done watching the first episode.

So overall, Search WWW is one of the hottest airing dramas right now that totally deserves the hype.

You're not still here, are you? 

Do you even need any more reasons? 

What are you waiting for? 

Go watch this right now!

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