by Skye-N-Rain & Ji-N, February 14, 2018

2018 is here, and we're ready to take MyDramaList to the next level.
 All we need is your help...

"MyDramaList should have a mobile app!"; "Why don't you add a calendar feature?"; "I hate ads!" 

Bootstrapped. We've had users ask us to implement various features on our beloved MDL. While most of these features are things that we want to add, we've always been forced to say, 'Wait, there are more important things at the moment.'  

The reason for this is that unlike other Asian Drama sites that have tens or hundreds of employees, we're simply a team of 2 admins (Skye and Jin) who have been working on the site largely after our day jobs/studies. We have no office, and instead, choose to work out of coffee shops in order to keep costs down. What has allowed us to come so far has always been our terrific volunteer staff and our amazing community that has dedicated so much time and hard work to make MDL into what it is.

However, in order for MDL to realize its full potential, additional resources are needed. Our New Year's resolution for 2018 is to speed up development, and the only way for us to reach this goal is through our new program.

 VIPs will gain a few extra features.

VIP Program - With the release of our new ad-free VIP program, we want to bring in more revenue so that we can dedicate more time to MDL, and perhaps even hire developers and other much needed help to further speed up MDL's growth and development.  
VIPs will gain a few features like No Advertisements, Customizing Your DramaList (example), VIP badges and much more. Help us take MDL to the next level! 

Whether you decide to become a VIP member, contribute in other ways, or just enjoy everything that MyDramaList has to offer, we're really grateful for your presence. Thank you for making MyDramaList so special. <3

- Skye, Jin, and the entire MyDramaList Volunteer Staff