by Badass Bunny, April 25, 2020

It’s been a while since I have written an article and trust me I have had my reasons, and one of them was infiltrating my classmate, aka bestie, into the amazing world of Asian cinematography.

I am not sugarcoating anything, I am simply stating a fact that can be verified by MDL since she even created an account!

I bet many of you come from countries where Asian cinematography isn’t that popular, and you are fangirling all alone from your comfortable bed or sofa. Trust me, I was just like you! Yeah, for sure internet connection exists, and I have many friends with the same interests, but it isn’t the same as watching physically with them.

The major change came when I enrolled in my university – majoring in nursing if you are curious – something happened, and that something was meeting the said bestie. She entered my life with her beautiful blond locks, and we became friends quite fast as both of us were looking like lost puppies. 

Then, the question that everyone here got asked at least once came ‘’So, what type of music do you like?’’ and of course my answer was k-pop - ‘’You know any genre of music that is sung in Korean?’’- and to my surprise, she wasn’t disgusted and didn’t give me the ‘’what the duck’’ face, but instead she asked me which groups I listen to and what kind of band is the best in my opinion. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I was thrilled, and in my head, I for sure heard some angels singing Hallelujah. 

I have to make a disclaimer that before we met, she was already a tiny anime watcher, so she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with Asian stuff, let’s say. But still, her knowledge was very limited, and thus as a good human being, I had to start the infiltration process, which started with BTS and other Korean music artists.

I was pleasantly surprised that my secret mission was going fantastically, because not only she liked the music, most importantly, she LOVED the directing and effects of the music videos, and I quote: ‘’I have never seen a music video of such amazing quality’’. This statement gave me hope that, one day, my mission will be successful. 

After music videos and Asian music in general, there was a long pause, but even at the pause, I kept talking about the various plots of the dramas that I have been watching. So, I caught her interest, and she kept asking how did  said drama end?

Then, finally, came the breakthrough, which was accompanied by a dark period of my bestie’s life. It was sudden and unpredictable, and both of us were left in shock and anger. She needed some distraction, and what better distraction exists than handsome Asian men who steal your heart at first glance? This was a moment when I felt very nervous since I was about to present her VERY first Asian drama, and you know how first dramas are important, right? They hold a very special place in your heart, and you protect them as if they were your cubs.

At that dark period, I was watching Extraordinary You, which is quirky, funny, and romantic and full of cliches. It has the Boys Before Flowers factor and also a new factor that I have never encountered before in dramas, so it was a perfect choice – at least I hoped so.

It was Friday, I got to her dorm with my USB safely in my backpack, and then it started. Lemme tell you guys, we binge watched like first the 4 or 6 episodes, and in my mind, I was doing flips because, ladies and gentlemen, the infiltration was successful! I told her that she will obtain her first drama hubby, and she was like ‘’Nah, that won’t happen’’, but she quickly changed her mind when Ro Woon came on the scene. 

Sooner or later though, the drama had to finish, and then came another crucial moment which made her stay! This is a very important step that you cannot miss because if you do, you may lose your chance. The infiltration has to be 100%, so you have to keep the drama/movie recommendations rolling! You have to ignore the words ‘’No one can replace Ro Woon in my heart’’ because we all know that it’s a bunch of bull poop that we all once said, but quickly forgot about it once we immersed ourselves in the next drama. 

Since we are both studying nursing – last year – we have a very deep connection towards medical/nursing stuff, and since my bestie likes Japan, the next drama recommendation was Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo (Love Lasts Forever), which tells a story of a young girl who falls in love at first sight with a cardiologist, and thanks to that she decides to pursue her career in nursing. Let me tell you that my bestie completely fell in love with that drama, even though it has many medical and nursing errors. As I predicted, Tendo sensei became her second husband, which she loves very dearly.

She is attempting to find the cat god in order to find her soulmate as Sakura from this drama

After these two dramas, she had a small pause and decided to watch some movies, and this time it was: Better DaysDewParasiteThe 8-Year Engagement (obviously because of Tendo sensei), and Train to Busan

She loved all of them.

Since she loved Love Lasts Forever, she wanted something similar, thus came Itazura Na Kiss, the classic of all classic dramas! At first, she disliked Naoki, but later she admitted that she got used to him, and now, whenever she says something dumb, she calls herself Kotoko, and I cannot help but squeal at her drama references because that only proves that she is falling into my trap deeper and deeper. 

After Itazura na kiss, she wanted another great drama recommendation, and since she loves action mixed with romance, I had to recommend her Healer, which she finished just yesterday, and I quote, ‘’I think I will just rewatch it all over again! This is the best drama I have ever seen, and I never felt this feeling of dread after completing a series! It’s like a break-up! If my future husband won’t be like Healer, then I don’t want any man’’. 

With this statement, I know that I have made her one of us, and she will be forever part of this community. Do I regret my plan? No, because the happiness on her face is proof that Asian cinematography is a gem and should get the recognition that it deserves. 

What was my experience in getting her into our world? Well, I was anxious because if I had made a bad recommendation, I wouldn't be writing this article now, but now I feel totally proud that I have created another fan! Now it's my turn to ask. Have you managed to get someone into dramaworld?

With this meme, I am ending this article, and I don't have to say the words ''stay at home,'' right? Since I bet we all here have been home, even before quarantine started! On a side note, drop some recommendations for my bestie in the comments below!

PS - Bestie, what a surprise is this article, huh? 

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