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Welcome to my profile!    

I am one special snowflake and i'm not ashamed to admit it

- I am Miracle of December and was born to this amazing woman - Yvette1004

- I am fluent in slovak & english but i'm studying korean

- Nursing student 1st year!!!

- For 4 years I studied Psychology, Pedagogy & Law ....so be careful :D

- I have been a kpop/drama fan over 10 years, which means that I am a senior fan

- I love animals....and I am proud owner of 1dog & 2cats and maybe this year I get a new dog (?)

- I lived in Ireland as well so any Irish folks are welcomed here ^^

- I LOVE Itazura na Kiss series!!! All versions so if you wanna chat about it, then go ahead and PM me

- I am a writer, fanfiction writer, subber/translator and yeah I can sing :/ 'cause mom forced me to write this one 

- My MOM IS on MDL yes it's not a lie

- Huge fan of iceskater Yuzuru Hanyu

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