by Hazel Jung, May 19, 2023

On May 19th, the drama I Will Travel for You unveiled its lineup of special appearances, which will join lead actors Gong Seung Yeon, Yoo Joon Sang, and Kim Jae Young to lead diverse episodes. Jin Goo, Ha Seok Jin, Jung Man Shik, Kim Hye Hwa, and Lee Il Hwa will participate, enhancing the solidity and richness of the story and adding further brilliance to the drama.

I Will Travel for You is an authentic healing trip drama based on the Japanese bestselling novel by Maha Harada. The story revolves around an idol-turned-travel reporter who has never been the center of attention in her life. She takes on travel assignments on behalf of others and discovers true success and the meaning of life. Each episode depicts heartwarming stories and dynamic events of the travelers' requests while also showcasing the charm of travel through beautiful landscapes across South Korea.

Given the nature of the drama, with different travelers appearing in each episode and their stories unfolding alongside new travel destinations, the special appearances in I Will Travel for You are expected to play a vital role in leading the narrative and maximizing immersion. With the confirmed cast of Jin Goo, Ha Seok Jin, Jung Man Shik, Kim Hye Hwa, and Lee Il Hwa, all possessing solid acting skills and charisma, anticipation grows regarding the characters they will portray in the drama.

The production team stated, "We aimed to cast the most suitable actors for each character in every episode. Thanks to these trustworthy actors' special appearances, the drama's charm will come to life even more vividly. We ask for your continued interest and high expectations for the characters they will portray and the heartwarming stories they will bring."

Meanwhile, the drama I Will Travel for You schedule is still under discussion, and preparations for full-scale filming have commenced.