by baby inzhagi, June 6, 2021

Native Title:  요나 공주

Also Known As: Yona of the Dawn, Princess Yona

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Melodrama

Tags: Goguryeo, Strong Female Lead, Strong Male Lead, Reverse Harem, Betrayal, Makjang, Historical Fiction


Kim Yoo Jung as Princess Yona 

Kim Yoo Jung is the actress that I imagine would play Yona because she has appeared in a lot of historical dramas, such as Love in the Moonlight, Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child, Dong Yi, and Iljimae.  Yona was a naive princess, but later on transformed into a strong and fierce woman. Kim Yoo Jung's portrayal of In Gi (Young) in Flames of Desire made me realize how good of an actress she is. She is my ideal actress to portray the role of Princess Yona.  

Yeo Jin Goo as Son Hak

Yeo Jin Goo is the actor I imagine would suits the role of Son Hak, the bodyguard of Yona. I have seen Yeo Jin Goo's acting in Hotel del Luna as Ku Chan Seong. My first impression of Yeo Jin Goo as Ku Chan Seong is a cold-hearted guy, because of the cold gaze in his eyes. He suits the role of Son Hak, whose eyes has been described as "dead fish-eyes," similar to Yeo Jin Goo's. Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung have worked together in the drama Iljimae. I'm confident that Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung will have love chemistry as Hak and Princess Yona.

Kim Bum as Soo Won

Kim Bum is the actor that I imagine could portray the role as Soo Won, the cousin of Yona who later murders the emperor and becomes the ruler of Kouka/Goguryeo. I choose Kim Bum to play Soo Won because of his feminine attributes and his doll-like face.  He has also portrayed a role as a villain in Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Kim Bum will surely pull off the role of Soo Won with his feminine looks and his experience acting as a villain.

Lee Do Hyun as Ki Ja 

Lee Do Hyun is the actor who could portray Kija, the white dragon. I choose Lee Do Hyun as Kija because Kija is a character with a headstrong, polite yet straightforward attitude. Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Do Hyun have previously worked together in Hotel del Luna. I have witnessed Lee Do Hyun's acting in Hotel del Luna as Go Myung Chung, the Yeongju captain of the guards - bold, fierce, and a fighter. This made me think that he can portray the role of Kija. 

Kim Woo Bin as Jae Ha

Kim Woo Bin is suitable to play the role of Jae Ha, the green dragon. I have witnessed Kim Woo Bin's acting in The Heirs. He's a flirty guy, and I imagine him as Jae Ha, who is characterized as a bold, persistent, flamboyant playboy. I can see his gaze and smile as being advantageous to playing the role of Jae Ha. Kim Woo Bin has never been casted in a historical drama. I'm curious how will he look like if he plays a character in a historical drama. 

Nam Da Reum as Zeno

As for Zeno, I can imagine Nam Da Reum to play the role of Zeno. Zeno is a yellow dragon that looks like a child with a cheerful and energetic personality, and Nam Da Reum can definitely play this role because he looks very young. He had played a role in the historical drama King In Love as Young Wang Won. I'm really curious how Nam Da Reum would play the cheerful character of Yoon.

Hwang In Yeop as Shin Ah

I can imagine Hwang In Yeop play the role of Shin Ah, the blue dragon. Hwang In Yeop's eyes are very similar to Shin Ah's and can definitely pull off the character, who is a quiet and anti-social, yet deeply cares for others and is a kind-hearted person. I have witnessed Hwang In Yeop play roles in True Beauty and the historical drama Tale of Nokdu.

Other Casts:

Kang Shin Il as King Il

Kang Shin Il suits the role of the Pacifist Emperor Il, the father of Yona. Kang Shin Il always plays the role of the father in dramas, and I have seen him act in Glass Mask and in the historical drama Mr. Sunshine.

Jeon Jin Seo as Yoon

Jeon Jin Seo suits the role of Yoon, who used to hate Princess Yona for being ignorant in life, but later on appreciates her. Jeon Jin Seo is known for his role as a child in The World of the Married. I'm curious to see Jeon jin Seo play his role as Yoon.

Yoo Yeon Seok as Kang Tae Jun

Yoo Yeon Seok suits the role of Kang Tae Jun, because he has played a role of a badass yakuza in Mr. Sunshine, but in Akasuki no Yona, I would like to see him play the role of a coward. Tae Jun is the man who is obsessed with Yona and makes her his wife. He is characterized as a happy person yet is raised in a pampered environment just like Yona. Yoo Yeon Sook and Kang Shin Il previously worked together in Mr. Sunshine.

Lee Deok Hwa as Son Mun Deok

Lee Deok Hwa often plays the role of a grandfather or a father in most dramas. I have witnessed his acting in Queen of Ambition, where he was a doting grandfather. Lee Deok Hwa suits the role of Son Mun Deok, who raised Hak as his own child. 

Park Won Sook as Gi Gan

Park Won Sook often plays the role of a sweet grandmother or mother in most dramas. I have seen her act in Last empress as the Grand Empress Dowager, a sweet person to everyone. I am curious to see Park Won Sook play the role of Gi Gan, and I want to see her badass side.

Uhm Ki Joon as Ahn Joon Gi

Uhm Ki Joon suits the role of An Joon Gi, the father of Lili who always closes his eyes. I have witnessed him act in Penthouse, and he is a good actor.

Choi Yeo Jin as Ayura

Choi Yeo Jin is the perfect actress for Ayura, the bodyguard of Lili. I have witness Choi Yeo Jin's acting in Miss Monte Cristo as a villainess. Ayura is protective of Lili, and I want to see Choi Yeo Jin be a badass who kicks off her enemies. 

Go Min Si as Ahn Li Li

Go Min Si is very perfect for Ahn Lili because Go Min Si has played several roles as a cold woman. Lili has a cold gaze, but deep inside, she is a kind-hearted woman who cares about Yona so much. Lili is engaged to Soo Won. I can imagine Go Min Si having chemistry with Kim Bum. 

Yoon So Yi as Tetora

Yoon So Yi is perfect to play the role of Tetora, the friend of Ayura and the bodyguard of Lili. I have witnessed Yoon So Yi act in Angel's Revenge and The Last Empress alongside Park Won Sook. She is a very versatile actress and I want to see her act again in a historical drama. 

Yoon Ah Jung as Yun Ho

Yoon Ah Jung is a perfect actress for the role of Yun Ho, the wife of Lee Geun Tae. Yoon Ah Jung will definitely pull off this role because she looks feminine and modest just like Yun Ho. I have witnessed her act in That Sun In the Sky, where she was a very modest woman. Yoon Ah Jung has acted in historical dramas such as Empress Ki and River Where the Moon Rises.

Jang Hyuk as Lee Geun Tae

Jang Hyuk has played the role of a badass in Money Flower. He suits the role of Lee Geun Tae, the husband of Yun Ho. Jang Hyuk will definitely pull off this badass general earth tribe, while being down to earth as he doesn't care about hierarchy and treats people fairly and with respect. I think Jang Hyuk and Yoon Ah Jung will definitely have chemistry.