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Original Mexican Novela - La Usurpadora 

Fernando Colunga and Gabriela Spanic

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

No of episodes: 102 

It is about two women who look identical, in fact they are twins who were separated at birth. The good twin is Paulina Martinez, who lives honestly despite living in poverty and has a fiancé, Osvaldo, but he is a cheater. The evil twin is Paola Bracho, who looks like Paulina but her opposite - rich, cunning, facetious and a cheater who is not contented with her husband Carlos Daniel Bracho. She has many lovers which include her brother in law Willy- the husband of Estefania. Tragedy strikes on Paulina, she witnesses the death of her mother due to an illness. She is also subjected to blackmail by Paola by putting her jewelry in her bag in order to make her disguise as Paola and take her place. Paulina is powerless so she has no choice but to submit to Paola. Paulina goes to the Bracho residence to pretend as Paola and Paola goes with Alessandro Farina to fled to Monaco.


Cast Line Up For The Usurper

Native Title: 횡령자

Also Known as: Henmyeongja, The Usurper, Day and Night

Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Tragedy, Thriller

Theme: Makjang, Evil Sister, Sad Romance, Strong Female Lead, Weak Female Lead, Rich Male Lead, Revenge, Deception

Preferred Network: tvN, SBS, MTBC

Estimated Episodes: 20

Estimated Duration: 60 minutes


A story of two women with the same face and reversed lives: 

Kang So Ra is a young woman unhappily married to the youngest son of Anjoo Group, Jang Jae Ha.  However, she has been involved with many men including Jang’s brother-in-law Seo Min Woo. She always finds excuses in order to escape from her husband.

Yoon An Na is a working student who does part-time in a local cafe of Ulsan as a chef. She has a financial crisis because of an unpaid student loan in her college.  Her mother confessed that she has a final stage of leukemia and eventually dies from it.  

Yoon and Kang met each other in a local cafe. Their uncanny resemblance made Kang think she could let Yoon assume her identity and eventually escape with her lover. Kang tried to convince Yoon to assume her place but failed the first time. Kang didn’t give up to convince Yoon until she blackmailed Yoon saying that Yoon stole Kang’s valuables. Yoon is afraid to go to prison and decides to submit to the plan: pretend to be Kang So Ra and take her place as wife to Jang. How long would Yoon An Na pretend and hide her identity? Would she be able to fall in love with Jang Jae Ha?


Main Lead Roles

Lee Elijah as Yoon An Na  /Kang Seo Ra 

I can imagine that Lee Elijah could have her first time playing a dual role as identical twins. I have seen Lee Elijah playing the roles of a protagonist in Good Detective and an antagonistic role in Last Empress. She can pull off the roles of a good woman and an evil woman. She is not just a pretty face but she knows how to show emotions. Imagine Lee Elijah doing a dual role of a sweet, hardworking and kind dongsaeng yet she has temper and would also play a role of an evil eonnie who is cold and  takes pleasure in making other people miserable.  Lee Elijah would always cry in this drama since this drama is a tear-jerker and has sad romance. I think Lee Elijah and Kim Nam Gil would have their striking chemistry in this sad romance makjang drama. 

Yoon An Na / Paulina Martinez (윤 안나)

Younger twin sister of Kang Seo Ra. She is kind, honest, dignified, yet  hot headed, woman. She makes ends meet by working in a cafe while studying in a university. She was born in a happy family,  however later on her father died in an accident and her mother died of illness.  She agrees to pose as Kang Seo Ra for a year and move to the Jang residence. The family feels weird with the sudden change of Kang Seo Ra's behavior and her sudden kindness. Eventually, she gets along with the people in the household, they are clueless that she is an imposter. She ends up falling in love with Jang Jae Ha (Carlos Daniel). 

Kang Seo Ra/Paola Bracho (강서 라)

Older twin sister of Yoon An Na and the wife of Jang Jae Ha. She is evil, cunning and frivolous but fragile. She is an adopted child and has experienced being physically abused by her adoptive father. She got married to the youngest son of Anjoo Group just to escape from her abusive adoptive father. She was sweet to Jae Ha but later on grows cold on him and eventually cheats on him with many men, including her brother in law Min Woo (Willy).  She is hated in the household except Jae Ha and Yoo Ra (Lalita). 

Kim Nam Gil as Jang Jae Ha

Kim Nam Gil is a stellar actor, I have witnessed his acting in dramas: Fiery Prest, Shark, and Bad Boy. I can imagine Kim Nam Gil playing the role of Carlos Daniel in a Korean version of La Usurpadora. It would be his first time to play the role of a father and a chaebol role that would suit him as well. Kim Nam Gil suits his role as a rich man and very handsome that gives an image of a chaebol.  l can imagine that he will always say "Yeobo" to Lee Elijah and his voice is a plus!! Kim Nam Gil possesses a handsome face and a handsome voice. He and Lee Elijah would have chemistry in this drama. 

Jang Jae Ha / Carlos Daniel Bracho (장 재하)
Jang Jae Ha is a widower with two children and married to Kang Seo Ra. He is the youngest son of Anjoo Group. He is not aware that he is being cheated on by his wife and he thinks that Seo Ra is a faithful wife that doesn't know how to cheat on her husband. He falls in love with Yoon An Na believing that Seo Ra is sweet again without knowing that she is an impostor. 

Yoo Yeon Seok as Seo Min Woo

I can imagine Yoo Yeon Seok playing the role of Willy, the husband of Estefania Bracho and Paola's lover in La Usurpadora. I have witnessed him in the drama "Mr Sunshine" where he played a role that gives off an image of a bad boy from a Korean yakuza, "Gu Dong Mae". The reason why  I choose Yoo Yeon Seok  is because I am confident that he could pull off this role. In this version, his real aim is to become the chairman of the conglomerate and get rid of the original owners. 

Yoo Yeon Seok and Lee Elijah work in the same talent agency: King Kong by Starship!

Seo Min Woo/Willy Montero (서민우)

Min Woo came from an average family married to Eun Hee. He married Eun Hee not because of love but because of her wealth. He is the lover of Kang Seo Ra. He is a gold digger and he is after the position of heir of the Anjoo Group. He would do anything under his power to get what he wants. 

Kim Yoon Seo as Jang Eun Hee 

I would want to give a chance to this actress Kim Yoon Seo  to play the role of Estefania Bracho, the wife of Willy and the adopted sister of Carlos Daniel. Estefania is a religious woman, yet she's toxic and a hypocrite who despises Paola for robbing her Willy.  I have seen Kim Yoon Seo in the drama Glass Mask where she played as an evil sister who is filled with hatred. Kim Yoon Seo is a versatile actress, although she always plays the role of a villain. I can imagine Kim Yoon Seo wearing glasses and holding a bible, with her eyes rolling and you would hear her say "Oppa" to Kim Nam Gil. Kim Yoon Seo and Yoo Yeon Seok would have chemistry in this drama also.

Character's Korean Name: 

Jang Eun Hee/Estefania Bracho (장은희)

Wife of Min Woo and the adoptive younger sister of Jae Ha. She hates Kang Seo Ra for stealing her husband. She wears plain clothes and is devout to religion but she is actually a hypocrite and a toxic person. She is the real daughter of Shim Ga Hee , her housemaid. She felt weird with the sudden change in Seo Ra's behavior and kindness during the stay of Yoon An Na while posing as Kang Seo Ra. 

Wang Bit Na as Go Ae Cha

I would want Wang Bit Na to play the role of Gema the woman who is madly in love with Carlos Daniel. Wang Bit Na has played several roles of a seductive woman just like Gema. In my Korean Version Carlos Daniel is the seonbae of Gema instead of making them as cousins in this drama that would be weird wouldn't it? I can imagine her saying to Carlos Daniel "Seonbae Bogoshipda" ...I have seen Wang Bit Na act in the drama Love In Sadness wherein her role is as a woman who has been stuck in an unrequited love with a married  guy. Just like in "La Usurpadora" she would play  a character who has an undying love with her seonbae, although Carlos Daniel has married twice but she doesn't give up on her love for him. Kim Nam Gil and Wang Bit Na would be cute together in this drama.

Go Ae Cha / Gema(고 애차)

Go Ae Cha is the hoobae of Jang Jae Ha when they were in college. She is stuck in unrequited love but never gives up even when Jae Ha has Seo Ra and Ae Cha is confident that she can steal Jae Ha. She knows that Seo Ra is a cheater with many lovers.  

Supporting Role

Jung Young Sook as Geum Myung Sook (Piedad Bracho)

This veteran actress Jung Young Sook is who I can imagine playing the role of Abuela Piedad in La Usurpadora. I have seen Jung Young Sook in the drama Angel's Revenge wherein she played the role of a strict chairman but a grandma who is sweet to her grandchildren. In this drama, she will also play a role of the grandmother of Carlos Daniel who became a drunkard after the death of her immediate family members and she regains her health when Paulina switched with Paola. 

Character's Korean Name: Geum Myung Sook (금명숙)

Lee Hyun Wook as Hong Min Chul  (Luciano Alcantara)

Lee Hyun Wook would play the role of Luciano Alcantara in La Usurpadora. He is one of the lovers of Paola Bracho who is also aware of the twin's swapping of identities. I have seen Lee Hyun Wook in the drama Mine where he  played as a villain. I can imagine Lee Hyun Wook playing the role of Luciano Alcantara and he would also have great chemistry with Lee Elijah and Wang Bit Na in this drama. 

Character's Korean Name: Hong Min Chul (홍민철)

Lee Je Yeon as Kang Jeon Hyeok (Donato D'Angeli) 

Lee Je Yeon would play the role of Donato D' Angelli one of the lovers of Paola Bracho who does nude paintings of her. I have seen Lee Je Yeon act in Fiery Priest wherein he previously acedt with Kim Nam Gil. Lee Je Yeon acted as a supporting character, yet he also stole the show because he is cool! In "La Usurpadora" Donato D'Angeli's image is of a guy with six pack abs. In the Korean version Lee Je Yeon would appear innocent yet alluring, who knows how to seduce a woman. I am curious how would Lee Je Yeon portray that role.

Character's Korean Name: Kang Jeon Hyeok (강전 혁)

Oh Mi Hee as Fidelina 

The veteran actress Oh Mi Hee would play the role of Fidelina the housekeeper of the Bracho residence and her secret child is Estefania. I have seen Oh Mi Hee in the drama Miss Monte Cristo where she is the chairman of a conglomerate who seeks revenge for the people who have done her wrong to her. I can imagine Oh Mi Hee would play a  character who hates Paola because of what she did to her daughter. She becomes doubtful of the sudden change of Paola - which is actually the switch of the identity of the twins. 

Character's Korean Name: Shim Ga Hee (심 가희)

Shim Yi Young as Paula Martinez

Shim Yi Young is the perfect actress to play the role of the twins' mother - Paula Martinez. She is the sick mother of Paulina who dies shortly in the first episode. I have seen Shim Yi Young in the drama Youth of May where she plays the role of a diplomat's wife. I was wondering why do Shim Yi Young looks like Lee Elijah with quite similar features so it gave me an idea that she is just perfect to play the role of  Lee Elijah's mother in this drama.

Character's Korean Name: Ha In Sook (하인숙)

Kim Joo Heon as Rodrigo Bracho

Kim Joo Heon will play the role of Carlos Daniel's hyung/older brother Rodrigo Bracho and he is the president of the conglomerate. I have seen Kim Joo Heon in a popular drama It's okay not to be okay and he has the charismatic masculine image perfect to play the role of Rodrigo Bracho

Character's Korean Name: Jang Geon Hak (장 건학)

Jang Seung Jo as Edmundo Serrano

Jang Seung Jo would play the role of Attorney Edmundo Serrano who falls in love with his client Paulina. I have witnessed him play a role in the drama Familiar wife and have previously worked with Lee Elijah in the drama Good Detective where they have chemistry but it's not a romance drama. So, Jang Seung Jo and Kim Nam Gil would have a rivalry in this drama. It would be boring if only the girls who are fighting for one man but also the guys who are fighting for one woman. Let's see whom would Paulina end up in the end in Kdrama... 

Character's Korean Name: Min Ki Yong (민기 용)

Yoon Jong Hoon as Douglas Maldonado

Yoo Joong Hoon will play the role of the wealthy businessman Edmundo Serrano who doesn't like socializing with other people and is a cold person. He changed into a kind-hearted person when Paulina appears to him to borrow money and also falls in love with her. I have witness Yoo Joong Hoon in the drama Penthouse wherein he plays a role of a morally ambiguous character. For now, I want to see Yoo Joong Hoon play the role of a cold person but eventually become a warm person and he is perfect to play the role of a rich man.

Character's Korean Name: Ahn Chan Geun (안찬근)

Shin Seo Hyun as Lalita

Shin Seo Hyung will play the role of Lalita the maid of the house who is very loyal to Paola Bracho. She has a quality of chatterbox and a gossip girl who knows everything what's going on. I have witnessed Shin Seo Hyung act in Penthouse as the younger sister of Cheon Seo Jin. I can imagine her play the role of Lalita since I have watched her act in Penthouse and she has the potential to be a goofy and chatterbox character.

Character's Korean Name: Jeong Yoo Ra

Kim Jung Hwa as Patricia

Kim Jung Hwa will play the role of Patricia as the kind wife of Rodrigo Bracho who never hates Paola and stays neutral when there is a conflict within the household. I have witnessed Kim Jung Hwa act in drama Mine as the ex girl friend of Seo Hyun and she is a good actress despite of being a guest role in the drama. I can imagine Kim Jung Hwa as Patricia because she has a very sophisticated look and elegant.

Character's Korean Name: Ya Choon Ja (야 춘자)

Other Casts: 


*- are not included in the original drama. 

*Lee Il Hwa - the Aunt of Yoon An Na, the older sister of her mother

Korean name: Ha Hae Soon (하해선 )

Chun Ho Jin - the rich businessman Allessandro Farina and the lover of Paola Bracho (Kang Seo Ra)

Korean name: Choi Geon Ho (최건호)

Ji Hye Won - Viviana de Carrillo de Gomez / Kwon Se Na girlfriend of Leandro. She becomes mistress of Willy (Min Woo) and the enemy of Estefania (Eun Hee)

Korean Name: Kwon Se Na (권세 나)

Lee David - Leandro Gomez / Hwang Do Hwan who works as a secretary for Carlos Daniel Bracho and boyfriend of Viviana.

 Korean Name: Hwang Do Hwan (황도환)

*Yoon Ah Jung  -Byun Yeol Rin is the sister in law of Carlos Daniel (Jae Ha) and the older sister of Dal Rae. She despises Kang Seo Ra because she cheats on him. She was the first person to find out that An Na is impersonating Seo Ra and later on she sides with An Na and rooting with her for Jae Ha. 

*Yoo In Young - Byun Dal Rae is the late wife of Jang Jae Ha. She is the prosecutor of Anjoo Group. She died giving birth to her youngest daughter. 

Jeon Jin Seo 
Carlitos Bracho /Jang Young Rae the son of Jae Ha who hates him because he shortly married Kang Seo Ra after few months death of Young Rae's mother.He is also aware that Seo Ra has a lot of lovers.

*Oh Man Suk 

Kang Deok Won is the abusive adoptive father of Kang Seo Ra. He is a musical professor of a university and pressures his adoptive daughter to become perfect but Seo Ra fails his expectations. So, he physically hurts her.After the marriage of his adoptive daughter - he and his wife died from the tragic car accident along side with Jae Ha's parents

Korean name: 강덕원 (Kang Deok Won)

*Choi Myung Gil
Shim Ji Na the adoptive mother of Kang Seo Ra and the wife of Deok Won. She loves Seo Ra like her own daughter and defends her while she is being physically punished by her husband

Korean name: 심지나 (Shim Ji Na)

Kim Su Ha
Jang Da Eui is the youngest daughter of  Jang Jae Ha and the younger sister of Young Rae.

Korean name: 장다의 (Jang Da Eui)

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