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Actors Ikuta Toma and  Seino Nana announce their marriage June 5, 2020

Actors Ikuta Toma and Seino Nana announced that they were married.

Ikuta Toma and Seino Nana announced jointly through Johnny's office to which Mr. Ikuta belongs and issued a statement through her IG account.

The two stated, "The world is in a difficult situation right now, and we were both wondering if we should get married at this time. But we decided to be together to overcome this crisis while supporting each other to work even harder in the entertainment industry ” in a joint post on Seino's IG

According to Johnny's office, the two have filed their marriage registration through their agents on the 1st of this month.

Mr. Ikuta is 35 years old from Hokkaido. He has appeared in many TV dramas and movies, including NHK's taiga drama "Idaten" that was broadcast last year.

Seino Nana, who is 25 years old from Aichi prefecture, has a strong presence as a close friend supporting the heroine in the NHK series TV novel "Hanbun, Aoi ", and has since been active in a wide range of commercial TV dramas.

Both met on the set of the 2015 drama “Ouroboros”. 

Source: Neotokyo 2099, Lalaine , arama Japan

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