by Lily Alice, February 27, 2023

Island Part 2, released on February 24, is gaining viewers' interest from around the world. 

The horror thriller is the most popular drama on TVING. Moreover, according to Flix Patrol, Island Part 2 ranked No.1 on the list of most popular shows on Amazon Prime Video in four countries - Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Taiwan. In addition, it entered the top 10 list of ten countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

The K-drama retains most of its cast from part 1. But we do have an addition of Kim Sung Oh to part 2. Island tells the story of Won Mi Ho and the people around her. 

Won Mi Ho is the heiress of the Daehan Group, one of the most powerful and influential conglomerates in South Korea. Nothing would have stood in her way to inherit her family business had it not been for a big mistake that she made in a fit of temper. It results in her transfer to Jeju island, where she works as an ethics teacher. What she thought would be a peaceful getaway from her busy heiress life actually turns into a deadly visit when monsters start attacking her. She then joins hands with a mysterious ghost hunter and a priest to fight the evil forces haunting the island. 

Lee Da Hee plays the cheerful Won Mi Ho. Despite belonging to a rich family, she is lonely and cannot even trust her near and dear ones because they are always planning schemes to snatch away the business empire from her. Kim Nam Gil is the ghost hunter Van, who protects Mi Ho from evil beings. He is stoic, often wears a serious expression, and shares a deep past with Mi Ho, of which she is unaware. Cha Eun Woo plays the jovial character of Kang Chan Hyuk / Johan. He too wants to protect Mi Ho because he believes her life has a greater and divine purpose which she must fulfil in order to avoid the world's destruction. And Sung Joon took up the role of Goong Tan. So far, it has been revealed that Goong Tan is related to Van and shares a bitter relationship with him. 

When and where to watch the K-drama Island Part 2? 

Episode 3 of the K-drama Island Part 2 will air on March 3. Stream it on Prime Video