by lo_ve, January 21, 2021

Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Joon Yeol are confirmed to work together on the upcoming JTBC drama No Longer Human.

JTBC's new drama will be produced by CJ Entertainment and will be directed by Heo Jin Ho and Park Hong-soo. "No Longer Human" is set to air in the second half of this year.

"No Longer Human" will show the lives of a man and a woman who are doing their best in everything but still seemingly failing in life.

Jeon Do Yeon will return to dramas after five years as her last drama was The Good Wife (2016). In the upcoming drama, she will portray someone who has a negative outlook on life. She works as a ghostwriter but dreams of becoming a real writer. She's been working hard until she comes to the realization that she's a failure and loses her purpose in life. Anticipation arises on how the actress will portray the negativity and loneliness of the character.

Ryu Jun Yeol as well will return to the drama scene after 5 years. He last starred in the drama "Lucky Romance" in 2016 with Hwang Jung Eum. The actor will play Kang Jae, an agency service operator who dreams of escaping poverty but is instead stuck without achieving anything.  Then he meets Jeon Do Yeon's character...

"No Longer Human" will be the first drama directed by Heo Jin Ho. He's considered the master of Korean melodramas having worked on "Forbidden Dream", "The Last Princess", "Christmas in August" and more. 

The script will be written by Kim Ji Hye who was behind such films as "My Love, My Bride", "Hope", and more.


What are your thoughts on this new drama pairing? Do you plan on watching No Longer Human?

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