by Lily Alice, July 5, 2024

Revolver dropped character stills of Ji Chang Wook, who plays the eccentric character Andy, also known as the "Mad Dog", in the K-movie.  

Revolver tells the story of Soo Young, a former police officer who takes the fall for someone else's crimes and ends up in prison, only to be betrayed. Upon her release, she charges forward with the sole purpose of reclaiming what she thinks is rightfully hers.  

Andy lives a reckless life and does not take responsibility for his actions or words. Even when Soo Young tells him to uphold the promise he made to her in the past of taking the fall for someone else's crime in return for a handsome price, he dismisses her completely.

Ji Chang Wook remarked, "The character of Andy was interesting, and I felt I could make it even more enjoyable. I also had expectations that director Oh Seung Uk would bring another dimension to it." 

Ji Chang Wook revealed he meticulously prepared the character, focusing on understanding the narrative between Andy's past and present. The actor also revealed to have tried various costumes to fit his character.

Director Oh Seung Uk expressed satisfaction, stating, "He did a good job of expressing the complex character, like a sick emperor," while Jeon Do Yeon praised Ji Chang Wook for enabling her to perform boldly.

Revolver will premiere on August 7.