by lo_ve, October 4, 2022

Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, and Im Se Mi will work together for the upcoming Disney+ original series "The Worst Evil."

On October 4th, Disney+ officially confirmed that Ji Chang Wook, Wi Ha Joon, and Im Se Mi will be the main leads of "The Worst Evil." The series will premiere next year. 

"The Worst Evil" will showcase the journey of the detectives that started an investigation into the triangle of the drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan. 

Ji Chang Wook will portray the role of Kang Joon Mo, a police officer who will infiltrate the organization for his drug investigation. 

Im Se Mi will play the role of Yoo Yoo Jung, a police officer who's included in the drug investigation and also the wife of Kang Joon Mo. 

Wi Ha Joon will portray the character named Jung Ki Chul, the boss of the criminal organization. 

The upcoming series will be helmed by director Han Dong Wook, the man behind the works "Man In Love," "Nameless Gangster: Rules of Tim," "The Unjust," and more. 

"The Worst Evil" will be released in the second half of 2023 and it will exclusively premiere on Disney+.

This will be the follow-up drama of Ji Chang Wook after the series "If You Wish Upon Me." This drama is also the first project of the actor for next year. Ji Chang Wook is currently starring in the entertainment program "Young Actors' Retreat" together with his "The Sound of Magic" colleagues. 

This will also be Im Se Mi's first project for 2023. The actress is currently part of the ongoing drama "The Empire." She will also join the upcoming drama "Duty After School" together with Shin Hyun Soo and Kim Ki Hae.

Wi Ha Joon is currently starring in the drama "Little Women." Aside from "The Worst Evil," the actor is booked for three more upcoming dramas as "K Project," "Shark: The Storm," and "Que Sera, Sera." 


What are your thoughts on the main leads of the upcoming drama "The Worst Evil"?