by lo_ve, March 10, 2023

Another upcoming K-drama will possibly be led by Joo Won.

On March 10, industry insiders revealed that Joo Won will be the main cast of the upcoming K-drama Nightly Photo Studio (literal translation). 

Joo Won's agency Ghost Entertainment responded to the casting reports through the media outlet NewsN. According to them, Joo Won did receive the offer and he is considering it positively. 

 Nightly Photo Studio will revolve around Seo Ki Joo, a lonely photographer who takes photos of dead people for several years now. He will then meet a woman who will protect him from death and will get to know the importance of life.

There are no reports yet on who will work alongside Joo Won in the upcoming K-drama. There is also no confirmation yet on the filming and premiere date of  Nightly Photo Studio.

If Joo Won confirms his casting, this will be his third upcoming K-drama. Joo Won was not seen in the K-drama world for three years since Alice

This year, the actor will lead the upcoming K-drama Stealer: The Treasure Keeper which will premiere next month. In this K-drama, he will work alongside Lee Joo Woo, Jo Han Chul, Kim Jae Won, Choi Hwa Jung, and Lee Deok Hwa.

Joo Won is also set to star in an action historical K-drama titled Milju

Aside from K-dramas, Joo Won is also going to participate in the upcoming film Firemen with Kwak Do Won, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Yoo Young, Kim Min Jae, and Oh Dae Hwan

In 2022, Joo Won made his debut on Netflix through the original film Carter

Joo Won is known for being part of the K-dramas My Sassy Girl, Clocking Out, Yong Pal, Naeil's Cantabile, Good Doctor, 7th Grade Civil Servant, The Bridal Mask, and more. 


Do you wish to see Joo Won in a romance K-drama once again?