by Hazel Jung, July 5, 2023

The ten still cuts revealed for the upcoming K-Movie Smugglers showcasing director Ryu Seung Wan's distinctive style, capture each character's narrative against the backdrop of a city where smuggling occurs.

Kim Hye Soo, who boasts her most daring role throughout her filmography, portrays Jo Chun Ja, the leader of female divers who get involved in the smuggling operation. Yeom Jung Ah, playing the role of Eom Jin Sook, a woman who has spent her whole life pursuing material wealth and is drawn into the world of smuggling, becomes a strong film pillar.

While Kim Hye Soo and Yeom Jung Ah navigate between the sea and land to confront the smuggling operation, Zo In Sung as Officer Kwon, and Park Jung Min as Jang Dori handle the land-based aspect of the smuggling. Officer Kwon, with a cool yet attractive visual, and Jang Dori, a character that has garnered explosive reactions since the early stages of promotion, promise extraordinary development in the city.

In addition, Go Min Si plays Ko Ok Bun, an intermediary between the female divers and the smugglers, showcasing a range of expressions and styles from traditional Korean attire to 1970s fashion. Finally, Kim Jong Soo portrays Lee Jang Chun, a customs officer who monitors all of them. As the world of Smugglers unfolds, its charm grows wider and deeper.
The diverse expressions and appearances of the actors, who aim for a transformative performance through Smugglers, add strength to the anticipation for the solid story and passionate performances delivered by the film.

Smugglers, fully prepared to captivate the audience this summer, will be released in theaters on the 26th of this month.