by Lily Alice, April 22, 2024

The upcoming mystery thriller K-movie The Incident, starring Kang Dong Won, has confirmed its release for May 29.  

The Incident tells the story of Yeong Il (Kang Dong Won), a contract killer who makes staged murders look like perfect accidental deaths, getting entangled in an unforeseen incident. 

Lee Mi SookLee Hyun Wook, and Tang Jun Sang are employees led by Yeong Il, while Jung Eun Chae comes as the client of a case.  Lee Moo Saeng takes on the role of an insurance expert handling the aftermath of accidents, and Lee Dong Hwi plays a cyber wrecker.

The K-movie is a remake of the Hong Kong movie Accident. It is directed by Lee Yo Sup

The Incident will get a theatrical release on May 29. Watch the teaser here