by kkkdrama, July 29, 2018

K-dramas are something u can never have enough of. Not only because 

of the diversity of the stories but also because of the lessons we can learn through them.

If u look deeper u will understand how K-dramas inspire us and add spice to our lives.

Here are some valuable quotes we learnt through them. 

Never give up your dream                                                    

Dream High wasn't as good as my expectations but still I learnt a lot from it.
I learnt that a person should give it all in order to achieve his dream. Even if he faces hardships he must work hard to overcome them.
Shin Hae Sung (Kang So Ra) always thought she's not talented enough but at the end she became successful and found her true talent because she never gave up.
Dream high also taught me that a dream is what gives your life a purpose, a goal, a meaning that's why it's worth fighting for.

 Hard work always gives a result     

There are many examples of Kdramas talking about the importance of hard work and its benefits. There is no such thing as miracles or good luck only backbreaking work gives positive results along with success and glory.

Real beauty is inside our hearts

The female lead in almost all Kdramas is an average girl with no make-up on, wearing simple clothes yet the male lead still fall for her because her golden heart attracts him.
Be nicer to others, helpful, kind ... and you will see that mirrors only tell half of the story.

Here are some examples of my favorite ones:

The beauty inside

Personal taste

The heirs

Marry stayed out all night

Fated to love you.....

And this list needs an infinite article.

Friendship is something to treasure

Many Kdramas made Friendship the centre of attention instead of romance and I must admit that the best dramas are the ones that focused on the relationship between a group a friends. For example Age of youth was a huge success.

Kdramas taught us that a friend is worth everything. In Mistress the three female friends broke the law and hid a body for their fourth friend. Last but not least School 2013 is another famous drama talking about friendship, youth and school.

Learn to forgive and avoid misunderstandings

The most annoying thing in a drama is misunderstandings that lasts for many episodes that's why I came to learn that you should let others explain themselves and forgive them because revenge is what make us blind and make us unable to love and live in peace.

Bullying needs to stop 

School dramas always show how terrible and inhuman bullying is.
Because: "Calling someone ugly won't make you any prettier, calling someone fat won't make you any thinner and ruining someone's life won't make your life any better."

                                                                 Who Are You: School 2015

                                                                               Angry Mom                                                                                                  

"Love yourself in order to love life"

This is the last advise I give and the most valuable one.