by Lily Alice, January 16, 2024

The stills from the script reading session of Let's Get Caught by the Neck (literal title) were unveiled.

The upcoming KBS drama Let's Get Caught by the Neck is a thriller that follows a journalist who is famous for her exclusive news stories and a passionate detective as they jointly investigate a series of murder cases. 

It is based on a Naver series written by New Luck.

The script reading scene brought together the actors and production team who will lead the K-drama. Director Lee Ho Jae, writer Bae Soo Young, and actors Kim Ha NeulYeon Woo JinJang Seung JoJung Woong InYoon Je MoonHan Chae AhJung In KiKim Min Jae, among other cast members attended. 

Actress Kim Ha Neul plays Seo Jung Won, a famous journalist with a strong sense of justice who believes in the people's right to know. She is a woman who fights the challenges that come her way.

Yeon Woo Jin plays Kim Tae Heon, the ace detective of the violent crimes unit. Kim Tae Heon is strong yet has a boyish charm to him. 

Jang Seung Jo plays the role of Seol Woo Jae, a second-generation chaebol and Seo Jung Won's husband. Not to be fooled by his warm smile, Jang Seung Jo has a dark side to him.

Veteran actors Jung Woong In, Yoon Je Moon, Han Chae Ah, Jung In Ki, and Kim Min Jae delivered passionate performances at the script reading.

After the script reading concluded, actress Kim Ha Neul commented, "I felt like the chemistry was stronger because the characters I had only envisioned came to life and [actors] acted together." Yeon Woo Jin said, "I feel like I've read a mystery novel." Jang Seung Jo shared his excitement, stating, "It seems like it will be fun to finish reading the script. I will work hard to prepare well."

Let's Get Caught by the Neck is scheduled to premiere in March. It will take over the time slot of Love Song for Illusion.