by suwancha, November 16, 2017

Kam Woo Sung, Park Si Yeon and Kim Sun Ah have all received casting offers for the upcoming SBS melodrama titled, "Should We Kiss First?",  

The 2018 drama will be produced by PD Son Jung Hyun, who's known for "Yeah, That's How It Is" and it will be written by Bae Yoo Mi, who penned "I Have A Lover."

"Shall We Kiss First?" will possibly air in the Monday-Tuesday timeslot once  "Doubtful Victory" finishes in February 2018. 

Kam Woo Sung got the offer for the male lead role  of Sohn Moo Han - a toxic, old employee in a company where he does nothing while everyone is secretly wishing for him to resign.

Kim Sun Ah will possibly play the female lead role. The three actors are positively considering the casting offers. 

"Should We Kiss First?" will tackle the life story of two people who are getting old, tired of the world, and bitter at how things turned out in their love lives.  These two are also afraid of living and dying alone. When they finally meet, the two will lean on each other because of their similarities and this will eventually lead into a romantic relationship.

Are you excited about "Should We Kiss First"?

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