Park Shi Yeon

Mi Seon Park


  • First Name: Mi Seon
  • Family Name: Park
  • Native name: 박시연
  • Also Known as: Park Si Yeon ; Park Shi Yun ; Park Si Yun ; Park Mi Sun ;
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: March 29, 1979
  • Age: 39

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Mi Seon Park

Park Shi Yeon

  • Name: Park Shi Yeon
  • Native name: 박시연
  • Given name: Park Mi Seon
  • Also Known as: Park Si Yeon ; Park Shi Yun ; Park Si Yun ; Park Mi Sun ;
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: March 29, 1979
  • Age: 39
Park Shi Yeon (born Park Mi Seon) is a South Korean actress. She joined the Miss Korea pageant in 2000, and using that as a springboard to an acting career, made her acting debut in China in 2004, appearing in minor roles in several CCTV dramas. In 2005 she was cast in her first starring role in the Korean drama "My Girl", though at the time she was more known for dating Shinhwa's leader, idol turned actor Eric Mun.
As she built her filmography in the following years, Park overcame early criticism of her acting skills and eventually gained respect as an actress in TV series such as "La Dolce Vita", "Coffee House" and "The Innocent Man", as well as the films "The Fox Family", "A Love", and "The Scent".
In 2011 Park married Park Sang Hun, an office worker at a small company four years her senior. She gave birth to their first child, a daughter, in 2013.
In early 2013, Park was among the celebrities investigated then indicted for illegal use of propofol; Park's agency denied the allegations, saying she took the drug for medical reasons after she injured her back doing action scenes for the films Marine Boy and Dachimawa Lee. In 2013, the Seoul Central District Court found Park guilty of taking propofol 400-500 times over four-and-a-half years (or 8.2 times a month), and she was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.
In 2015, she made her Hollywood debut in the action film "Last Knights," which was set in medieval times. Her "Last Knights" co-stars included Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, as well as Korean actor Ahn Sung Ki.
On September 4th, 2015, Her Agency Mystic Enterteiment's CEO, confirmed that Si Yeon is expecting her second child and is currently in her 7th month of pregnancy.
Year Title # Role Rating
2018 Should We Kiss First?
Korean Drama, 2018, 40 eps
Baek Ji Min [Kyung Soo's wife] (Main Role)
Baek Ji Min [Kyung Soo's wife]
Main Role
2016 Fantastic
Korean Drama, 2016, 16 eps
Baek Sul (Main Role)
Baek Sul
Main Role
2014 Best Wedding
Korean Drama, 2014, 16 eps
Cha Gi Yeong (Main Role)
Cha Gi Yeong
Main Role
2012 The Innocent Man
Korean Drama, 2012, 20 eps
Han Jae Hee (Main Role)
Han Jae Hee
Main Role
2011 The Greatest Love
Korean Drama, 2011, 16 eps
Kim Hee Jin (Guest Role)
Kim Hee Jin
Guest Role
2010 Coffee House
Korean Drama, 2010, 18 eps
Seo Eun Yeong (Main Role)
Seo Eun Yeong
Main Role
2009 A Man's Story
Korean Drama, 2009, 20 eps
Seo Kyung Ah (Main Role)
Seo Kyung Ah
Main Role
2008 La Dolce Vita
Korean Drama, 2008, 24 eps
Hong Da Ae (Main Role)
Hong Da Ae
Main Role
2008 On Air
Korean Drama, 2008, 21 eps
(Guest Role)
Guest Role
2007 When Spring Comes
Korean Drama, 2007, 16 eps
Oh Young Joo (Main Role)
Oh Young Joo
Main Role
2006 Hyena
Korean Drama, 2006, 16 eps
Jung So Mi (Support Role)
Jung So Mi
Support Role
2006 Yeon Gae Somun
Korean Drama, 2006, 100 eps
Cheon Gwan Nyeo (Support Role)
Cheon Gwan Nyeo
Support Role
2005 My Girl
Korean Drama, 2005, 16 eps
Kim Se Hyun (Main Role)
Kim Se Hyun
Main Role
2005 Lotus Lantern
Chinese Drama, 2005, 35 eps
San Sheng Mu (Support Role)
San Sheng Mu
Support Role
2005 Han Xue Bao Ma
Chinese Drama, 2005, 30 eps
Gui Shou (Main Role)
Gui Shou
Main Role
Year Title Role Rating
2015 The Piper
Korean Movie, 2015,
Ah Ran (Support Role)
Ah Ran
Support Role
2012 The Scent
Korean Movie, 2012,
Soo Jin (Main Role)
Soo Jin
Main Role
2009 Marine Boy
Korean Movie, 2009,
Choi Yu Ri (Main Role)
Choi Yu Ri
Main Role
2008 Dachimawa Lee
Korean Movie, 2008,
Ma Ri (Main Role)
Ma Ri
Main Role
2007 A Love
Korean Movie, 2007,
Jeong Mi Ju (Main Role)
Jeong Mi Ju
Main Role
2006 The Fox Family
Korean Movie, 2006,
Daughter fox #1 (Main Role)
Daughter fox #1
Main Role
Year Title # Role Rating
2010 Drama Special Season 1: Red Candy
Korean Special, 2010, 1 eps
Yoo Hee (Main Role)
Yoo Hee
Main Role
TV Show
Year Title # Role Rating
2017 Guesthouse Daughters
Korean TV Show, 2017, 12 eps
(Main Host)
Main Host
2008 Family Outing: Season 1
Korean TV Show, 2008, 85 eps
(Regular Member)
Regular Member
2003 X-Man
Korean TV Show, 2003, 178 eps
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