by Lily Alice, June 5, 2023

SBS's upcoming supernatural drama Revenant released stills featuring the stellar cast lineup, which includes Kim Tae RiOh Jung SeHong KyungPark Ji YoungKim Won HaeYe Soo Jung, and Jin Seon Kyu.

Actress Park Ji Young, known for deftly playing complex characters, takes on the role of Yoon Kyeong Moon, Ku San Young's mother. 

Yoon Kyeong Moon has raised San Young single-handedly, but she struggles to tackle life's challenges. Despite occasionally causing trouble and unintentionally burdening San Young, she loves and cherishes her daughter to the point of sacrificing her own life. 

Kyeong Moon fell in love at first sight with folklorist Ku Sang Mo (Jin Seon Kyu) and married him, but she hid his existence from her daughter and ran from her house when San Young was five years old. 

Whereas, Kim Won Hae, a renowned actor known for seamlessly immersing himself in various roles, portrays Seo Moon Choon, a veteran detective from the Violent Crimes Unit, who is on the verge of retirement. Seo Moon Choon acts as Lee Hong Sae's (Hong Kyung) guardian and mentor. With his meticulousness and attention-to-detail approach, he uncovers clues that others overlook. However, he has no interest in seeking recognition and often finds himself overshadowed by others. 

Ye Soo Jung, a veteran actress who consistently leaves a lasting impression on the audience with her performances, portrays Kim Seok Ran, San Young's sophisticated and cold-hearted grandmother. Kim Seok Ran follows Ku Sang Mo's last wish and passes down an heirloom to her granddaughter San Young, entangling her in the world of demons.

Jin Seon Kyu will make a special appearance as Ku Sang Mo, San Young's father, and a folklore professor. Ku Sang Mo faced criticism for delving too deep into the study of ghosts and spirits, straying beyond the boundaries of conventional academia. Despite the lack of recognition from his peers, he persevered in his research. On his journey, he encountered a life-changing trial that forced him to make an irreversible decision. 

The production team also revealed that, in addition to the mentioned cast, many other highly esteemed actors will make special appearances in each episode. As the series progresses, viewers will be treated to a surprise appearance by a renowned actor in Korean cinema. 

The team added, "The credit for assembling such a perfect cast lineup goes to writer Kim Eun Hee. With these talented actors, the essence of the drama is solidified, and its overall quality is elevated. We promise to deliver a well-crafted Korean occult mystery that will captivate audiences. Please look forward to it".