by Lily Alice, October 4, 2023

Single in Seoul, starring Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo Jung, is a melodrama film that revolves around the story of Park Young Ho, a power influencer who enjoys being alone, and Joo Hyun Jin, an editor of a publishing company who dislikes being alone, as they collaborate on an essay series about single life.

Distributor Lotte Entertainment released a teaser trailer for the movie Single in Seoul (directed by Park Bum Soo). The teaser features the leads of the K-movie Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo Jung, giving a peek at what the actors have in store for the viewers.

In the teaser, Young Ho (Lee Dong Wook), who is a popular essay instructor and a power influencer, enjoys a relaxed single life, proclaiming, "Those who don't live alone are all guilty". On the other hand, Joo Hyun Jin, despite her professional prowess, exudes a charming quirkiness, shouting, "Women are straightforward", drawing attention.

Following that, the scene where Hyun Jin says, "Being single is the answer", frustratedly in response to Young Ho's article. The two people, who enjoy completely different single lives, meet as the author and editor of Single in Seoul, creating curiosity about what kind of chemistry they will showcase.

Lee Dong Wook plays the role of Young Ho, a power influencer who is proposed to be the author of the book Single in Seoul, while Im Soo Jung takes the role of Hyun Jin, an editor-in-chief who loves books but struggles in everyday life. They will showcase their chemistry in this film.

Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo Jung's upcoming K-movie Single in Seoul will hit theaters nationwide on November 29. Watch the teaser of the K-movie below