by lo_ve, July 11, 2023

Lee Hyun Wook will reportedly work with Cha Joo Young in a new historical K-drama that will air on tvN.

Media outlet Star News shared an exclusive report on July 11 revealing that Lee Hyun Wook is being considered to lead the upcoming K-drama Won Kyung

The production company of the K-drama Studio Dragon told Star News, "Won Kyung is currently in the early stages of production, and were are still in the middle of casting. Lee Hyun Wook is one of the actors that received the casting offer."

Lee Hyun Wook's agency Management Air responded to the casting reports. According to the agency, Won Kyung is one of the projects that was offered to the actor and he is currently reviewing it. 

If the actor decided to join the upcoming historical K-drama, this will be his fourth upcoming K-drama. Lee Hyun Wook is set to join the new K-dramas such as The Queen Lives in Seoul, Shark 2: The Storm, and Song of the Bandits

Last year, Lee Hyun Wook gained more attention after starring in the Netflix original K-drama Remarriage and Desires. He worked alongside Kim Hee Sun, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, Cha Ji Yeon, and Kim Yun Seo

Lee Hyun Wook will also return to the big screen with the upcoming movie The Incident.

The K-drama Won Kyung will tell the story of Queen Won Kyung, the person who worked with King Taejong Lee Bang Won to gain power 600 years ago. The upcoming K-drama will showcase the story of Won Kyung who had no choice but to be labeled as an incarnation of jealousy and desire. 

The upcoming K-drama will be helmed by Kim Sang Ho (Avengers Social Club) and written by Lee Young Mi. 

Trending actress Cha Joo Young also received the offer to lead the K-drama and portray the role of Queen Won Kyung.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyun Wook got the offer to play the leading male role.


Do you think Lee Hyun Wook will be a good fit to lead a historical K-drama?