by lo_ve, September 25, 2023

Actor Lee Sang Yeob will officially tie the knot with his non-celebrity bride-to-be in March of next year. 

On September 25, media outlet Sports Seoul released an exclusive report stating that actor Lee Sang Yeob is getting married to his non-showbiz girlfriend. According to the report, the couple will get married in March 2024.

Lee Sang Yeob's agency, UB Management Group, released an official statement regarding the reports. 

Here is the official statement of the agency: 

Hello. This is UB Management Group, the representative of actor Lee Sang Yeob. 

We would like to share our side regarding the marriage reports of Lee Sang Yeob. Just like what was reported today, it is true that Lee Sang Yeob will begin his marriage life next year with his non-celebrity girlfriend. He will tie the knot in March 2024 and he is currently preparing for it. 

Since the two have just begun their wedding preparations, we cannot provide detailed information. We ask for your understanding.

We will notify you again with the exact schedule once it's officially confirmed. 

Thank you.

There are no details revealed yet about Lee Sang Yeob's bride-to-be. Meanwhile, the actor decided to get married after he reached the age of 40. 

Lee Sang Yeob is currently starring in the KBS K-drama My Lovely Boxer with Kim So Hye, Park Ji Hwan, Kim Hyung Mook, Ha Seung Ri, and Winner Kim Jin Woo

After the KBS series, Lee Sang Yeob is expecting to star in the upcoming K-drama Genie, Earth. He will work alongside APINK's Jung Eun Ji. The upcoming K-drama will premiere on OCN.

The actor is known for being part of the K-dramas Eve, Once Again, While You Were Sleeping, My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week, Signal, The Innocent Man, and more.  

Lee Sang Yeob is loved not only for his brilliant acting but also for his likable and friendly image in entertainment programs.  


Congratulations to Lee Sang Yeob and his bride-to-be!