by lo_ve, April 4, 2023

Lee Sang Yeob and APINK's Jung Eun Ji will possibly work together in a new fantasy comedy K-drama!

On April 4, media outlet JTBC Entertainment News revealed that Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji will be the protagonists of the upcoming K-drama titled Genie, Earth

According to reports, both the agencies of Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji stated that they are positively reviewing the offer. 

Previously titled as Herothe series Genie, Earth will tell the story of Gyu Tae, a former prosecutor who accidentally acquired superpowers from extraterrestrial beings. He will use this ability to fight against evil forces that are trying to rule the world. According to reports, the K-drama was supposed to be labeled as Hero but it has now been decided to be titled Genie, Earth.

The upcoming series will be directed by Heo Jong Ho (Monstrum and The Advocate: A Missing Body) and the script will be penned by Park Hee Gang (Possessed and Summer Snow). It will be produced by Daydream Entertainment. 

The series will reportedly be a mixed genre of fantasy, action, and comedy. Other details and broadcast date of Genie, Earth are yet to be revealed.

Lee Sang Yeob was offered to play the role of Oh Gyu Tae, a former prosecutor who is now unemployed. His life will have a turnaround after communicating with an unknown being. This role was first offered to actor Lee Kwang Soo

Jung Eun Ji was chosen to portray the role of Yoo Ye Joo a former instructor of the anti-terrorism unit of the Special Forces. She now serves as a police officer in the patrol division and she will do her best to save the world by helping Lee Sang Yeob's character.


Do you think Lee Sang Yeob and Jung Eun Ji are a good fit to star in the upcoming K-drama Genie, Earth?