by lo_ve, November 1, 2023

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In announced they are expecting their first child.

On November 1, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In's agencies shared their official statement about their pregnancy. According to the two, their first child is expected to be born in February 2024. 

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In married in April of this year. Seven months into their marriage, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In will soon become parents. 

Here are the official statements of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In: 

Hello. This is Human Made. 

We would like to reveal the good news about Lee Seung Gi's family. A precious life has come to Lee Seung Gi and his wife. Lee Seung Gi is patiently and thankfully waiting for a new life to be born in 2024. We hope that you will send warm support and blessings to artist Lee Seung Gi.

We are beyond grateful to everyone who shows interest and love to Lee Seung Gi.  

Lee Da In's agency also shared the good news: 

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment. 

We are very grateful for the warm love and interest you have shown to our artist Lee Da In. We would like to convey the precious news that came to Lee Da In and her family. 

A new life has come to actress Lee Da In. She will welcome this blessing in February of next year while being cautious of her health and stability. 

We ask for everyone's support and love to actress Lee Da In and the new blessing that has come to your family. We will continue to update you with good news. 

Thank you.

Lee Seung Gi was last seen in the 2022 K-drama The Law Cafe with Lee Se Young, Oh Dong Min, Kim Nam Hee, Kim Seul Gi, and Ahn Dong Goo

The actor will reportedly join the upcoming movie About Family. He will also make a special appearance in the Filipino film Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul

Lee Da In on the other hand is currently starring in the hit K-drama My Dearest Part 2 with Namkoong Min, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Hak Joo, Lee Chung Ah, and So Yoo Jin


Congratulations to the couple!