by Hazel Jung, May 18, 2023

An entertainment official revealed on the 18th to JTBC Entertainment News, "Lee Sun Bin was chosen to play the lead role in director Lee Myung Woo's new project, The Hidden Dragon.

The Hidden Dragon comically portrays the stories of quirky and secretive people from Chungcheong Province who are endearing. It is a suspenseful youth drama that evokes nostalgia for high school students' everyday life and music in the late 1980s.

In the drama, Lee Sun Bin will bring life to the role of Park Ji Young, a famous fighter from Buyeo called the "Black Spider." She will showcase her skills as a respectable fighter who uses violence to protect the weak and pursue her happiness and love.

Lee Sun Bin has established a foundation in action acting through films such as 'Okay! Madam,' 'Mission: Possible,' and the drama 'Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation.' Anticipation is rising as she is expected to captivate viewers with her even more charismatic performance in The Hidden Dragon.

Previously, it was reported that actor Yim Si Wan is set to play the protagonist Jang Byeong Tae in The Hidden Dragon. Attention is focused on the synergy between director Lee Myung Woo, known for dramas such as 'The Fiery Priest,' 'Backstreet Rookie,' and 'One Ordinary Day,' and the collaboration of Yim Si Wan and Lee Sun Bin.