by Lily Alice, June 21, 2024

Upcoming mystery K-movie Project Silence dropped stills.  

Project Silence follows people stranded on the foggy Gonghang Bridge, which is on the verge of collapse. They struggle desperately to survive the unexpected dangers lurking around them.   

The stills show numerous individuals stranded on the airport bridge engulfed in thick fog. Among them are Jung Won (Lee Sun Kyun), who was heading to the airport to see off his daughter Kyung Min (Kim Soo An) who was going to study abroad, tow truck driver Joe Park (Ju Ji Hoon), who rushes to the scene upon hearing news of the collision, and Dr. Yang (Kim Hee Won), the lead researcher of "Project Silence".  

Uncontrollable military lab dogs begin to attack people in the dense fog. From Jung Won trying to protect his daughter to Joe Park and Dr. Yang, along with Jung Won, trying to devise escape plans and people taking refuge in the airport bus, the stills give a glimpse of the people's extreme struggle for survival.

Project Silence will premiere on July 12.