by lo_ve, February 8, 2023

Lee Sung Min, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Jung Eun will lead the upcoming TVING K-drama "A Very Lucky Day."

TVING officially confirmed on February 8 that Lee Sung Min, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Jung Eun will be the main leads of the upcoming thriller psychological K-drama. 

This will be the reunion project of Lee Sung Min and Lee Jung Eun after they starred in the 2022 Netflix original K-drama "Juvenile Justice." Meanwhile, this will also be the next project of Lee Jung Eun and Yoo Yeon Seok together. The two previously starred in the hit 2018 series "Mr. Sunshine." 

This will be the second upcoming K-drama of Lee Sung Min. He is also set to lead the upcoming series "Shadow Detective Season 2." Last year, he impressed everyone with his performance in the hit JTBC K-drama "Reborn Rich." 

"A Very Lucky Day" will be the first official K-drama project of Yoo Yeon Seok for 2023. He was part of the recently ended K-drama "The Interest of Love" with Moon Ga Young, Geum Sae Rok, and Jung Ga Ram.

Meanwhile, this will be the third drama project of Lee Jung Eun for the year. The actress is also joining the K-dramas "Daily Dose of Sunshine" and "In the Woods With No One."

"A Very Lucky Day" will base its story on the webtoon of the same name. The upcoming K-drama will exclusively air on TVING and it will tell the journey of an ordinary taxi driver that picks up a high-paying customer and drives him to Mokpo and eventually finds out that he is a serial killer.

The upcoming series will be the next work of director  Pil Gam Seong ("Hostage: Missing Celebrity"). 

Lee Sung Min will play the role of Oh Taek, the taxi driver who received an offer of 1 million won (approximately $795) from a customer who wants to go to Mokpo. On the same day, he got the offer, he dreamt of a pig that symbolizes wealth in dreams. 

Yoo Yeon Seok is confirmed to play the role of Geum Hyuk Soo. He is the serial killer who hires the taxi driver and tells him to drive him to Mokpo. He will go to Mokpo so he can smuggle himself out after the murder crime he did.  

Lastly, Lee Jung Eun will portray the role of Hwang Soon Gyu. She is the mother of the victim of the serial killer. She is desperate in finding Geum Hyuk Soo who killed her son.

"A Very Lucky Day" is scheduled to air in the second half of the year. 


Are you excited about how the three main leads will give life to the story of "A Very Lucky Day"?